A list of things that scare me.


  • People in flaky halloween face paint.
  • Movies and TV shows that feature ghosts. It doesn’t matter how stupid/ fake they are.
  • Girls who wear stylish short dresses and heels out clubing.
  • The imaginary people outside of my window.
  • The thing under my bed.
  • Blood.
  • Obese people on buses.
  • Sharks at the beach.
  • Sharks at the swimming pool. No, you can’t reason with me – I know they’re there.
  • Dairy products past their used by date.
  • Spiders, and bugs with fangs.
  • Bugs that might have fangs.
  • People who talk to themselves.
  • The hallway at night when I’ve forgotten to turn the light on.
  • Drunk 40 year olds.
  • Being trapped under water.

2 thoughts on “A list of things that scare me.

  1. Oh my god yes… That scares the heck out of me… I might have to do a part two because I forgot the ghost that stands beside my bed – you know, the one that keeps me up till 2 in the morning, scared to turn over in case he’s real.

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