I dream about dogs. And the lawn.


When I got to Feilding my dogs were thrilled to see me. Buddy did his happy snorty thing and ran off to find his ball to show me. Shay came up the stairs to meet me, but didn’t even make it halfway before her back legs collapsed and she slid back down. I was horrified.

Dad had told me about how she had arthritus, but I didn’t think it would be to the point she couldn’t get up a small set of stairs. I asked him about it later, and she’s being given supplements for her joints and the vet has seen her a few times. I’m hoping that she’s not in too much pain, and that the warmer weather in summer will make her feel better.

The night I got to Dad’s I had a dream about her dying. I don’t know about you, but I have some pretty vivid dreams. That night I dreamed about Buddy running around the house all distressed looking for her, and I couldn’t understand why he wasn’t showing me his ball, or his blanket, or one of the other treasures he holds onto. Then I realised that Shay was gone, and I lay down on the ground and cried.

When I opened my eyes I realised the ground was all loose and cracked I could see right into the earth. It was so detailed that I could see the little off white grass roots and smell the dirt and grass. And then I woke up. The first thing I did was go check on my puppy who was sprawled out asleep on the back doorstep. I also checked that the lawn was intact (no cracks to be seen.)

I hate seeing my pets get old.


2 thoughts on “I dream about dogs. And the lawn.

  1. She’s actually looking for reflected light on the ground. My brothers used to play with a laser light around her, and now she’s convinced that little patches of light follow us around…

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