A conversation with myself.

Shannon’s sense of Style catches sight of Shannon’s preference for Sloth and sighs dramatically.

Style: Psst! Shannon.

Sloth: What me?

Style: Yes you. Dork. Come here.

Sloth: Wanders over lethargically.

Style: Um. Listen, Shannon. I know they said casual Friday, but that’s no reason to dig out your oldest jeans and tee-shirt from the dirty washing pile.

Sloth: Oh. Well…

Style: You’re meeting friends for cocktails tonight, aren’t you? In ratty jeans. And sneakers.

Sloth: Well I decided not to wear the nicer ones because they were all scrunched up in the floor.

Style: Yeah but they were clean right? I mean what the hell is that?

Sloth: Oh, well I spilt some water…

Style: No! Not that. THAT. Is that… Tomato sauce? What the fuck. You left the house with tomato sauce on your jeans?

Sloth: I’ll pop out for a new outfit at lunch, shall I?

Style: I think that would be for the best.


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