grump. sick. grump.

So. Last night sucked. I was irrationally angry even before we got to the movie theatre to find out that the NZgirl Hairspray preview was overbooked and we couldn’t go. *sniff*

They were kind enough to open up the ticket booth and let us all have a free movie. However our choices were severely limited. We ended up deciding to go see Eagle vs Shark, although not without some serious passive aggressive grumping on my part. Ben kept trying to engage me in discussion on the movie I would prefer to see. I kept whining and huffing dramatically saying “No I’ll come to this one.”

I hated the movie. I was bored silly. I understand that people raved about it at the box office. I understand that it won awards, but I hated Napoleon Dynamite, I had a sore tummy, a headache, and I just wanted some alone time with a fluffy blanket.

So I grumped through the movie. I guess the story was ok. Kind of beautiful really. But I didn’t care.

Afterwards I passed on going to Karlie’s birthday dinner. Instead I walked home by myself. I was so ANGRY that I kept hoping some punk (a very small one) would try stop me. I scowled a lot and planned fights in my head.

I passed a dude with dreads. I could take him.

That car that didn’t stop at the pedestrian crossing? I couldn’t take it, but if the snotty little brat driving it stepped out for a moment I could take him.

The big Aussie surfer dude and his equally big friend? I probably couldn’t take them, but I could threaten to vomit on them. Then knee them in the balls.

I got home without incident, still scowling. My tummy hurt. I watched Ghost Whisperer and I felt so yucky I forgot to be scared. I watched Nip/Tuck and HATED it. It was stupid. And the son had ridiculous eyebrows. And that made me sad.

And then I threw up all night. When I wasn’t throwing up I was shivering and whining and angry. I am a delight when I am sick.

I (wisely) decided to pass on work, and am now debating uni… I don’t feel too bad. True I haven’t eaten anything apart from a few crackers and juice, but I have three essays due soon… Surely if I just go up to the library and grab some books I’ll be ok? It’s just a matter of hauling my whiny, shivery, grumpy self up the hill.

Er, perhaps I wont.


3 thoughts on “grump. sick. grump.

  1. WordPress being mean to me too. Why won’t this post appear? Why do I keep getting signed out? Why aren’t you correcting my spelling! Why do you have to be so mmmeeaaan *sob*

    I’m going back to bed.

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