Imaginary conversation.

Imaginary Co-Worker: Uh, Shannon are you feeling alright today?

Shannon: Yup. Absolutely fine thanks.

Imaginary Co-Worker: Oh. So Why are you all hunched up over your keyboard? And why is everything on the floor?

Shannon: Oh, that. Well I went to kickboxing last night, and my abs are all like holy FUCK today. So in order to be able to continue with my work, I’ve just shifted here to the floor where I can type in foetal position.

Imaginary Co-Worker: Oh. That’s normal.

Shannon: That’s what I thought when I had the idea.


3 thoughts on “Imaginary conversation.

  1. is this an imaginary co-worker because you are not actually typing this from the fetal position under your desk, or is it because you ARE typing from under your desk, and just no one can see you?

  2. Unfortunatly I wasn’t typig from under my desk. I had the idea and decided to do a quick run through a situation to see if I could get away with it.

    Imaginary Co-Worker didn’t say anything, but he thought I was weird, so I didn’t do it.

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