Kat’s last night…

Tonight is Kat’s last kickboxing class at the gym! She’s going on to do better and more fun things, most of them probably involving a few less sweaty girls.

She should have a sold out class, because theres a pool on whether or not she’ll punch someone before the end of the night. (My money is on yes.)

After class we’re all going over to the General Practitioner for a drink, which, for future reference,  is exactly what you should do after an intense work out.

Which reminds me, have I even signed up for the class? Erm… Nope, I’ll just go do that now shall I? Dork.


3 thoughts on “Kat’s last night…

  1. My money is on yes too …. particularly if Fainty McVomit makes an appearance. Muwahahahahahahhaah!

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