Shannon’s goin’ delurking.

                                                The Great Mofo Delurk 2007

Guess WHAT! today is the great MOFO delurk, and while I don’t think I have too many lurkers here at Leaf, probably…, I’m going to go say hello to some of the bloggers I read a lot. I encourage you to do the same.

I found out about this through Schmutzie, who has always got something interesting to read on her blog.

For the rest of this post I thought I’d share some interesting and meaningful (read: random and useless)  information about myself.

1. I have a deep and long-lived bond with chocolate. I’ve inherited it from my dad’s side.

2. I form meaningful and lasting bonds with stray animals that let me pet them on the street. And I stop to pet every single one of them, it doesn’t matter how late I am.

3. I stop to look at interesting or shiny things on the footpath. It annoys a lot of people.

4. I once sat in an hour long lecture next to a guy who vibrated the whole time – not from a mobile phone, but actual whole body vibration.

5. I love having a high ceiling in my bedroom. I tell people that it’s because I hate feeling all closed in (I do) but in actual fact its because I bounce on my bed whenever I get the chance to…

 So, enough about me, tell me something interesting and meaningful about you…


14 thoughts on “Shannon’s goin’ delurking.

  1. Hi, came by way of Schmutzie.

    First of all, Happy Delurking Day!

    So, you ask for something interesting and meaningful (read: random and useless) here’s on:

    When I run out of things to read, I’ll read anything with words. eg. dictionary, the obituaries, useless flyers I get in the mail. I’m dorky like that.

    Anyway, I like the way your write and I think that you’re funny, so I might just stay awhile.

  2. Happy Delurking Day to you too, I’m glad you’ve enjoyed your visit!
    I always say that I could read anything, but actually I think you might have gone a step further than most people who make that claim with the junk mail and the DICTIONARY.

  3. I shall add useless things also.

    1. I never eat yellow or orange candy. I have no idea why.
    2. I sometimes wish I was a wizard. Particularly after reading Harry Potter.
    3. I am a Tolkien fanatic- I have read LOTR 12 times.
    4. I have an ancestor who got deported to Australia for being a honest-to-god real pirate.
    5. I think Brad Pitt is ugly.
    6. I get so passionate about sports, I cried when we lost the quarter against France.
    7. I own more jandals than any other type of shoe. I hate shoes.
    8. I can quote the entire script of Finding Nemo.
    9. I have a crush on an Australian.
    10. I hate having pet fish. And yet, as a marine biologist, people give them to me constantly.

  4. my turn! my turn!

    1. I am going to US in 3 weeks! And whilst Im there, I am going to Death Valley – a place which I was obsessed with as a kid.
    2. I was also obsessed with Easter Island, the Bermuda Triangle and David Copperfield.
    3. Bad spelling is my number one pet hate.
    4. I can speak Japanese (albeit very poorly these days).
    5. I had a sex-dream about John Campbell last night.
    6. In my dream he had a really hot body.
    7. In my sex dreams something always happens before I have sex with the person. Its so annoying.
    8. I knew Kat had a crush on that guy! *hehehehe*
    9. I am wasting time instead of doing work.
    10. I better go do some work so I can skive off early to go to the gym – I love the gym.

  5. Me too with the sex dreams. Its very frustrating. and me too with the bermuda triangle! we are freaks. awesome. AMNTM is hilarious, I think Janice is a funny funny human being. we don’t really need to talk about the australian thing.

  6. Over cocktails…good thing I’ve completely lost my voice (yes, COMPLETELY, to the point where I had to mime a presentation yesterday) so we can’t talk about it….

  7. I have my voice back (ish-I’m at a husky whisper-and not in the hot way, in the 15yr old boy way), but I may do the dance anyway. Bex is such a liar, she so didn’t know =D

  8. I think the biggest quash on the sex dream is I always remember I have a partner, and begin to feel guilty … thats right whilst I am still asleep! G should totally feel secure that I would never cheat on him. I cant even have sex dreams about someone else.

    Kat’s aussie guy sounds HOT. And perfect for her. Cute, smart and successful/ambitious. However, she continues to deny it. Now, get this girls. She is going on holiday with him – and they are going to a tropical island for “diving”. Just the two of them!

  9. Me too with the partner thing… Even once when it WAS him, and I was feeling guilty… WTF?!

    Oh my god.. now that sounds like the best holiday ever. I’m looking forward to this interperative dance…

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