Answering the big questions in life…OR… Am I wearing underwear?

Well I made it to work. That isn’t really a surprise considering I make it to work most mornings, but this morning I slept in. It was only the text from Inez, informing me that she was on her way down the hill  if I needed a ride, that woke me up.

I had all of three minutes to dress, grab my bag and a can of baked beans for breakfast. I jumped over the back fence, feeling a bit like an action movie star, and there she was waiting. I stuffed myself into the car, and went about brushing my hair and removing the big circles of last nights makeup from under my eyes. That made me feel much less like an action movie star.

Then I realised that I had grabbed clothes from the floor, and I had no idea if it was the dirty half or the clean half.

I shut myself in the bathroom at the first opportunity to take a look at what I was wearing. The top sort of matched the bottom and there were no tomato sauce stains. Of course my fly was undone, and my bra was so twisted I wondered how the hell I hadn’t noticed it back at home, but I was DRESSED.  

After a quick check for underwear – it was present and accounted for – I took a look in the mirror, and did one of those big ‘Holy Hell!’ gasps. My hair was straight last night, bit this morning is a little… Less tamed.  I covered it in a random hair product I found in my bag, and slapped a headband on it. I am still considering wrestling it back into a hair tie and placing a paper bag over it.

I made myself some breakfast in the office kitchen, and then realised that the area I had to carry my baked beans and toast through was full of VIP’s. And I was wearing my communters sneakers, and my hair looked.. Well its not pretty, Ben once called me the cat lady, and I think the description fits today…

I’m now hiding out in my office waiting for my hair to look normal. It may never happen…


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