Five reasons why I should do an open water dive course:

1.I went to a trial dive night on Monday and loved it. It was run by Dive & Ski(Dive HQ) at Huia pool in the Hutt (its a big 3m deep one.) Their PADI Open Water Dive Course looks FUN.

2. I totally thought I would freak out because, essentially, you’re trapped under metres of water with only a small metal capsule full of air. BUT I didn’t I was more interested in the fact that I was breathing underwater. I also forgot to worry about poolsharks.

This may be different when I’m no longer in a pool, but I’m a firm believer in feeling the fear and doing it anyway. Or a firm believer in taking a friend to distract the sharks while I swim like I’ve never swum before.

3. Kat took some photos and I can confirm that I totally rock the dive-babe look. Like, completely. Also I should swim more often because my bikini is HOT.

4.Diving would give me an opportunity to meet new people, and to hang out with people that I already know and think are cool. I did my trial dive with Karlie my flatmate, Becks from kickboxing, Inez from work, and Gemma from the gym. Kat also floated around and took pictures of our butts.

Plus I have it on good authority (Kat again… I try not to argue with her) that the people at Dive & Ski are very fun, professional, and good quality.

5. Its only $450… I’m sure the parental units would make a small contribution in place of Xmas presents this year, and then it wouldn’t be so much out of my bank account all in one go. Also, I have been overheard muttering under my breath about getting my spending under control (by me…) Perhaps I need a goal?

And for luck:
6.I am awesome, and diving is awesome… Therefore me diving would be really awesome. Like, my head would be spinning with all the fun I’d be having, awesome.

As long as I don’t get eaten by a shark.

Ahoy! Thar be photos!


I’m the one third from the with little pig tail platted hair (HOT.) In this photo I’m wondering where the air comes from, and whether it is organically grown or at the very least certified by the SPCA.


From the left: Me, Becks, and Gemma. Our noses all look freaking hilarious now, but at the time I totally didn’t notice. I’m glad, because I’m not sure how successful laughing underwater would be.


Can you see the manic glee in my eyes? Who would have thought someone so close to being eaten by a poolshark could be so excited to get deeper into the water?


You totally can’t tell, but I’m pouting photogenically under the mask. BTW, my arms and thighs are in GREAT shape considering all the running I’ve been doing (Erm… exactly none.)


I even learnt a few dive signals. Like shark, and OK, and this one, which means do the robot.


Divers playing in the deep end (because why put scuba gear on if you only want to play in the kiddy pool, right?)


Action shot of me, gliding gracefully through the water. I am one with the pool.

Later I smacked a girl who snuck up on me in the face – there is no peripheral vision in goggles. This is probably one of the reasons divers do not use their arms so much as their legs and flippers to get around.


Group shot of mostly me. Because I am the best. Look how pleased with myself I am.


Oh. Fine, group shot. I’m still the best.


Final group shot, new angle. Aren’t we all HOT dive-babes?! Also LOOK I’m the tallest!


15 thoughts on “Five reasons why I should do an open water dive course:

  1. Haha it does for the frst while-when I first took my camera out I was bouncing off the bottom, and swimming away from my buddy…but now, its fine =) Practice is the key.practice that would be best done in fiji next july…

  2. KAT! Stop encouraging me to haemorrhage money… Jeze. Besides I think we all know that I’m probably going to be the one convincing MYSELF that I NEED to go to Fiji. Or the world might stop turning…

  3. even if there is a coup, we will be underwater and thus invincible. or at least unreachable.I think fiji is a good reward for all our hard work. its how i’m justifying it-i will have just finished masters and i think you should participate in my relaxation and celebrations. by coming to fiji with me.

  4. Hi Ladies,
    I have to admit you were all awesome – loved the smiles on the night. But wait to you check me out in Fiji – you will be jealous of my underwater styles and total awesomeness!!
    Can’t wait to get you diving again and taking photos of Kat & me.

  5. Yes… I must admit…that Fiji trip is definitely an incentive for doing the open water course! Shan – lets get organised and do that course.

  6. Sweet. According to their calendar they have sessions starting all the time 🙂 Will email u. Or, you email me because i will forget!

  7. Great decision you made there, Girl! Great pics, too. Diving is addictive. Post more on your diving experiences.

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