Reason #12 why I am only an assistant.

“Shannon did the gentleman from that last phone message mention whether he was from Wellington? There’s no area code with the number.”

“Erm. Well, no. But it was implied.”


Shannon waits politely until she is alone in her office again before repeatedly whacking her head on the desk before her.

“Implied my arse.”


4 thoughts on “Reason #12 why I am only an assistant.

  1. LMAO…. that was great..!

    LIke the day my assistant walked in and thought it was ok to give me a list of first names of people that called and would I mind just calling them back when I had time.

    Company? Last name maybe? Country or city even? What about a telephone number?

    Oh well at least she was cute..

  2. I usually get “Kelly, you know that immigration thing…can you get me that thing that goes with that immigration thing and get that guy from that office upstairs to sign it mumble mumble mumble or whatever”

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