In the deep end.

Do you ever get that feeling like you’ve jumped in the deep end of the pool. Then you look down and you’re still wearing your clothes, and then you realise you were wearing your $400 watch and were carrying a mobile phone in your pocket. (Or in my case have lost it entirely?)

Its that feeling of ‘oh well I’ll just go ahead and jump, and everything else will work itself out’ only to realise that you haven’t got a thing under control and its all going to shit.

Yes? Me too.

Work’s in a bit of an upheaval at the moment with me having to take on a new system with some new people that are coming into the office. Its stressing me out a bit because I thought it would be easy as pie. There is no pie, and no indication that the pie will be arriving any time soon.

I’m also having to negotiate between a picky colleague and the graphic design/ printing place we use for stationary. I keep wanting to apologise to the poor designer we keep sending the business cards back to, and sitting the colleague down and telling him that NOBODY cares that much about his business card.

I also want to tell him that the things he wants to do to it? They’re an abomination of good design. I’m not a good designer and even I can tell that what he wants is going to look terrible. In fact I have told him that, but he keeps pulling rank on me.

So I’m juggling approximately a million emails on both those issues, when I realise Ahh! Xmas is coming. I’ll have to sort out the Xmas cards. (Insert swear word here.)

For about a month I’ve been cruising along with the easiest job in the world, an now whenever anyone comes into the office I get that ‘Oh shit I’m in the pool with all my clothes on’ feeling.

Also: This month? It hasn’t been the best on record.

I have lost my eftpos card and replaced it (TWICE), I have lost my mobile phone, I have forgotten my ID card on average of once a week, I have forgotten to wash any of my gym gear, I have forgotten my lunch for most of the last two weeks, and I have misplaced my sense of relief for school being over. The calm is gone, people.  

I remember why I decided to go to uni now, and I was right, the stress was actually a little bit less than it is some of the time here at work.

On the plus side I’m getting my homework DVD this weekend for diving! 😀 Homework! (Yes, I am genuinely excited. Shut up.)


4 thoughts on “In the deep end.

  1. I can’t remember the last time I was excited about homework. That was a long time ago.

    Here ya go:

  2. False indications of pie from the “it’s as easy as pie” expression are the biggest teases in the world…almost as bad as “it’s a piece of cake!”… 😉

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