Best Ghost.

So last weekend I ran into a girl I went to high school with. It was surreal. We chatted about how she’d been traveling, dished the gossip on all the people we went to school with, and then she sponsored my boyfriend to shave off his goatee.

First I was stunned that it was actually her because she looked totally different, and then I was stunned because she remembered me too.

I spent most of my high-school years trying very hard NOT to be remembered… I spent 5 years of my life pretty much camped out on a bench outside of A Block ignoring all the people around me. I then wondered why nobody ever ‘saw’ me.

Later I realised that more than a few people tried to befriend me. Like MOST of the people there. At our leavers breakfast we were all given awards and I was the ‘Best Ghost’. I felt like a total idiot.

The lesson? If you act like a total ice princess who doesn’t like talking, people are going to respond by not talking right on back to you. 


4 thoughts on “Best Ghost.

  1. I feel your pain. I was the ghost until somewhere around two months into Junior high when I went completely insane and became the bastard you know and probably love. Tell Ban to grow the damn goatee back. Facial hair for life! Screw cancer, why would I shave my face for something that’s probably going to kill me? Answer: I wouldn’t. I would shave cancers face! And I don’t mean that in a mean chemo-joke sort of way. I know some good folks who are dying of it. But never give up on the goatee, that’s all I’m saying.

  2. I used to have this psycho kick the crap out of me every week because it was fun. Four years after High School ended I ran into him in London of all places and he ran across the street to tell me “he was going to get me good”… I laughed my head off and told him to either go back to High School where that shit is accepted or go back to driving his bus for a living. Loser…

    A year later I had the pleasure of watching him being sent off to a British jail for six months… boy did he get a shock when he found out what I did for a living.

    Once a loser always a loser… but I am happy my High School days are long behind me.

  3. Paul B: What do you do, are you a prison guard or something? The meanest screw London ever saw? Did you get to kick his ass for once.

    And I think everyone is glad high school is over once they break out the other side. High school sucked.

  4. i was social and stuff in hs, but i was a card-holding member of the.. um.. let’s say, the slightly socially awkward group of the highschool. it never actually occurred to me that any of the rich popular kids saw me / knew my name / registered my presence, so it seriously weirds me out now if i run into one and they address me by name (whereas i often can’t remember theirs. oops.)

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