Do I do anything but whine? Answer: no.

How am I today? Well. Moody. Sullen. Contrary. And oh, I-don’t-know, a little damp around the inner ear.  That’s how I am today.

I had my medical today for my dive course which starts MONDAY. (Excellent planning BTW Shannon… Well done.)

Apparently I may have fluid in my inner ear. Please. My inner ear is as dry as the Sahara desert. I should know, considering it is mine.

The doctor, who I’m going to call Dr Abrupt, then charged me $110 for the PRIVILEGE of being told that he wasn’t going to sign a piece of paper. One. Hundred. And. Ten. Dollars.

He has prescribed a course of antihistamines, and invited me to return in a couple of weeks.

I thought, briefly, about inviting him to take his $110 bill and shove it…

Logically I know that I could cause some pretty serious damage to my ears if I tried to subject them to the kinds of water pressure diving would involve. Emotionally though, I’m throwing a tantrum. A big one. Complete with toddler me screaming that logical me doesn’t love her, and she never lets her do anything cool.

Grr. AND when I tried to make Dr Abrupt tell me the antihistamines had a high chance of working, he moderated it to “they have a good chance of working.” And then he returned to fixing his hair in the giant mirror that hangs in his surgery.

Now I have to call Dive HQ and break the news. I hope they’ll let me postpone for a few weeks. (I also hope there wasn’t a non-refundable policy on that money… Because I so didn’t ask… Again well done Shannon.)


15 thoughts on “Do I do anything but whine? Answer: no.

  1. that is shit. you could try a diff doctor. but Claire/Tomo will be sweet about it, there’s another course starting straight after, or you can kinda meld in in the middle of your one, depending on how your ears go. sucky sucky sucky though.xox

  2. Fluid in the ear like way down, so When you try to equalise it doesn’t work as effectively or something. Equalising is important because otherwise the pressure of the water will damage your ears.

    I like hearing…

  3. Yeah I’m going to have to give it a few weeks, so December or, because of Xmas, Jan. January will be a nice time to dive… And I’m going to treat myself by calling the Vic Kickboxers, and asking that they make me hurt lots.

  4. Also Dive HQ? They were great about it. They’re going to hold the money for now, And let me try again. If that doesn’t work they’ll give it back (as long as I don’t write in my books…)

  5. Wow, that seriously sucks. I’ve had plenty of ear infections during colds because the mucous decided to go into my ear through my glands (or something like that). For two weeks, I’ll have to go through a smaller version of tinnitus. It’s annoying when I have to go to sleep.

  6. $110 bucks?!! thats f***ing ridiculous! And the Government claims that they have made doctor’s visits cheaper! BOLLOCKS

  7. That sucks balls. I’m sorry Shannon. You would think water int he ears would be normal for diving activities. But what the hell do I know.

  8. Wendy: Yeah, I’ve just found out theres something going around work that’s making people feel tired and a bit sniffy… And I think that’s why I was feeling weird the other day… I’m hoping it’s why I have the ear thing.

    Kelly: Actually I think it’s my doctor. I use City GP’s which I have been told are the most expensive Doc in Wellington. Usually I only go in there for perscriptions to the pill and sexual health visits are free for under 25’s (thank god for that huh!) I’m going to give brooklyn a call and also student health at vic to see if i can transfer. I’m sick of being treated like poop by my doctor anyway. They’re not very nice there.

    Josh: It does suck balls… Although he didn’t say water, he said Fluid, Which sounds MUCH, grosser.

  9. I always feel ripped off when I go to the Dr only to be told to take over-the-counter medicine. Let alone paying $110 AND missing out on the dive course!!! waaahhhh….. well, we will just have to go diving together when you do your course!

  10. Extracurricular drinking sounds like a fine idea to me. It must be about time we had kickboxing drinks again. (As in, drinks with the kickboxing girls, not kickboxing and drinking at the same time).

  11. although that could be entertaining haha. but yes, methinks its james cook time, next friday?? and lets reserve a table this time, otherwise I get seat rage.

  12. Oh Stink!! Thats so crap. Yeah go to the student Dr, they are free or at least Massey ones are. I went last week and got a prescription for everything I might possibly need. Not looking forward to having to start paying… 😦

  13. ok, so i’m reading these backwards obviously, but i didn’t see a follow up, right? are you able to reschedule your dive course?

    oh. hah. maybe i should read the comments. i = smrt.

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