Not a morning person.

This morning I got up at 5.50 in the morning. For those of you in doubt, yes, there is actually a 5.50 in the morning – I’m not pulling your leg.

I arrived at the gym at 6.30am for my kickboxing class. I only whacked myself in the face twice. That’s a good tally for any kickboxing session, let alone one in the morning.

It wasn’t exactly in a good mood this morning, but it wasn’t exactly a terrible one either – until I got outside. My big stupid bag got in the way and my supermarket bag kept twirling itself around my fingers, cutting off the circulation, and ramming into my knee every time I lifted my right leg.

Two bus drivers with near empty buses ignored me – one even ignored me knocking on his door and calling him a wanker.

Then I had to dig through a bag the size of the Sahara in order to find my freaking ID card.

Then the security guard told me that I probably wasn’t a morning person.

I contemplated whether the time it would take me to find my boxing gloves in my giant bag would be worth it to be able to punch the cheery smile off his face. In the end I told him that he was probably right, and sent one of my best death glares his way.

He’s right though. I’m probably not a morning person.


7 thoughts on “Not a morning person.

  1. I hate mornings. One of the best jobs I had started at 7 am and ended at 2 pm. It was such a mindless job, I would literally wake up around noon, think for two hours at work, and go home to enjoy the rest of my day.

    Now? Now I get up at freaking 5:45 am to take a shower, get the kids and wife ready, just so I can be at work by 8. Ick. I want to be sleeping at 8, not staring at my computer screen.

    And next time, tell him he’s a BIG wanker. Maybe he’ll get confused and think it’s a compliment.

  2. Hm, so that was the problem, I prefixed my ‘wanker’ with fucking, when really I should have use big….

    Noted for use in the future! Also 5.45am? Every morning? That’s inhumane!

  3. Yes but its so do-able! I get up at 5.30 EVERY morning! You just have to get through the first week, and then after that you’re sweet as

  4. I hate waking up early in the morning. For my auditions for uni for the music course I’m applying for, I had get up at 6AM twice in two weeks. That is just too much for me. After the first week of my first audition, I pretty much stayed home all week and slept.

  5. i’m quite familiar with 5:50…that’s usually when Isabella starts singing and asking to watch Dora…no, i’m not joking.

  6. I agree with mintea. excpet when its the security guard, I’d like to substitue “face” for “balls”.

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