Despite the following post I maintain my stance that ‘The Zone’ is nothing but Death wearing a pair of running shoes.

First off, did you know that leafprobably is Wordpress’ featured blog in a search for the tag ‘imaginary letters’? No? Well I am. More prestigious than that, perhaps, is the fact that I am the ONLY blogger that uses the tag ‘imaginary letters’.

I can assure you that I am most impressed by this achievement.

Also an achievement?: On Monday I went to the gym before and after work. Tuesday I went for a run with the Configure eXpress running club. So far I am the running club but we hope for many more members once word gets out…

I thought I’d manage about 5 minutes running – taking into account my 3 week intensive chocolate, cheese, and DVD training programme – but instead I managed to run about 20/25 minutes with a couple of short walking breaks. I thought I might use the running club to workup to a 5km run… this SUB Stride or Ride one in Palmy North perhaps…

The woman who organised the running club did her best to talk me into doing this 7km Around the Bays “fun” run but at that point I was too busy praying for an extra lung to fully answer her back.

She did mention the possibility of a free Configure Teeshirt, and I do like free stuff.


10 thoughts on “Despite the following post I maintain my stance that ‘The Zone’ is nothing but Death wearing a pair of running shoes.

  1. Free stuff rules, you should do it ;0)

    Thanks for stopping by, gave me the opportunity to find your wonderful blog. Great story telling. You’re a funny gal.

  2. You visited my blog so I thought I’d drop by yours. I’ve always wanted to see New Zealand. But I am somewhat agoraphobic and don’t leave my town very often unless I’m drunk or drugged which also doesn’t happen so it sort of leaves me stuck here.

    My ex-husband, the one who burned the kitchen table in the fireplace was a runner when he was young. He ran in college and won many trophies which are all in the attic collecting dust. He even ran a couple of marathons in under three hours. It would probably take me three days. I’d have to pack a suitcase.

    I’ve only been blogging a short time but it’s a lot of fun. Now that I am retired and disabled, I don’t leave the house too much but I get to meet so many great people blogging. And now I know someone in New Zealand! Cool!!

  3. I have to say, I think the second accomplishment is a bit better than the first. Also, I have a collection of free t-shirts won randomly by bowling. It used to be my odd quirk. I always managed to bowl my only strike of the night right after the DJ announced that the next ten people to bowl strikes would win t-shirts.

  4. Sketched out: Yeah, i should stop making important life decisions on the basis of whether or not there’ll be free stuff!

    Joan: Thanks for dropping by! I’m considering a small backpack loaded with chocolate and cheese with whole gherkins.

    Jess: Wait, bowling alleys have DJ’s?? Seriously? Thanks, also, for stopping by.

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