A conversation with Becks.

OMG I can’t believe you matched your shoes to your boxing gloves….
Actually that gives me an idea, the person who is the most colour
co-ordinated on Thursday gets to make other people do lunge kicks! Whee!

It was a lucky coincidence …. hmmm … I might have my work cut out
for me if I want the title of “most colour coordinated” – given you had
the matching t-shirt/headband thing going on yesterday.

oh yeah… plus i pretty much only own black boxing things, and black
work-out gear (hey what can I say, Black makes me feel skinny) So I will
be coming to boxing as DEATH.

The question is – can we introduce a scythe as part of the routine?
Because that would complete the Death outfit.

Combo – left, right, left, upper-cut, slash.


8 thoughts on “A conversation with Becks.

  1. my fake kickboxing class at the gym has added in all these really violent moves, like “hold someone down and repeatedly punch them in the head.” i’m not kidding. it’s a little alarming.

  2. Becks: I’m a little ashamed to admit that I don’t own a scythe.

    Kat: Come back and teach boxing… We’ll dress up for you, and do pushups without (much) complaint. It’s not as much fun now that Faye’s gone to Lambton Quay, and the timetables full of yoga. Yup YOGA.

    Wendy: You let me know if you can find a pair of boxing gloves that will co-ordinate with that, and then we’ll talk.

    Alice: Wo! That sounds like the best pretend kickboxing class ever!

  3. I am ALL about black making me look thin…I have been wearing black at work everyday since the Christmas holidays…LOL 😉

  4. Hehe, me too, and I’m fully taking advantage of no one else being here. Last week I wore jeans and sloppy teeshirts and spent upwards of an hour a day spinning on my chair.

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