Interlude with a hairdresser.

Hairdresser: Alright Shannon, see how I’ve cut your hair into layers. These
are long enough to let the curl sit nicely, but short enough to take some of
the weight off.

Shannon: ….

Hairdresser: And this is the product we’ll be using. Its Redkin
Curl Force.

Shannon: …

Hairdresser: Its a gel but it’s not going to make your hair dry or crispy.
Its a wonderful formula.

Shannon: …

Hairdresser: So all we’re going to do is spray it two or three times along a
section of hair and scrunch it a bit to lift the curl. See how well Curl
Force works?

Shannon: …

Hairdresser: We can also can also give it a quick twirl and pop it in a diffuser.
Like this. Again, no crunchiness.

Shannon: …

Hairdresser: Curl Force is going to tame your curls without frizz or drying
them out like a lot of the products on the shelf do.

Shannon: …

Hairdresser: and because you use so little of it its really quite cost effective.

Shannon: If I buy it will you shut up?


6 thoughts on “Interlude with a hairdresser.

  1. I use liquid gel in my curly hair and it works great. Mousse and spray and all the rest of the crap has never worked. Although I’ve never had a hairdresser give me quite such a hard sell on a hair product before.

  2. What is it with you people and straight hair?! Doesn’t it get boring? Plus I don’t have 1/2 an hour to spend on my hair in the mornings. At the rate I’m going I have 2 minutes, while I’m applying makeup at the bus stop – and even then I get into work late.

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