My Doppelganger and Me

Strange Mailman: Hello there!
Jovial smile.

Shannon (who’s never actually been on talking terms with this mailman before): Good morning!
Tentative smile.

Mailman: I haven’t seen you around for a long time!
Anticipates conversation by halting in an office doorway.

Shannon: Er. No.
Very tight smile. Am I more friendly with him than I thought? Should I know his name? Probably.

Mailman:Oh I’d better let you through. Haha!
Big smile. Obviously thinks this is my office. Obviously thinks I’m someone else.

Shannon: Oh thanks but I’m going straight through today.
As if some days I don’t pass straight through. As if I could in fact be the person he thinks I am.

Mailman: Oh, whoops. You’re not…
Stares in confusion at my departing back. Probably wondering why I didn’t tell him he had the wrong person.

Wondering the same thing.


7 thoughts on “My Doppelganger and Me

  1. Kelly: at least you know who yours is…

    Jess: Do you tell the other person they have it wrong? or do you just say as little as possible? I think I do that because I don’t want to embarrass them. I get embarrassed by seeing other people get embarrassed.

  2. It’s quite the modern dilemma isn’t it? When it happens to me I’m always in a quandry – do I try and blag my way out of it and pretend I know them or just say – um… sorry do I know you?

  3. risingrainbow: Yeah I used to think that too, but then I never do know them and I end up looking a tad freaky when they realise…

    Cellobella: blag all the way… It makes life more interesting.

    Alice: Yeah, but if the security guards see me loitering around that office they’ll probably shoot me or something – Our security guards are lazy, so I imagine they’d rather shoot me than chase after me…

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