Reasons why I should have the kitten in the Miramar ‘A’nimal’Z’ vet clinic and pet store.

  • He’s got a weird brown/ black spotty coat that makes him look like he’s been rolled in dirt and chocolate.
  • I often leave the house looking like I’ve been rolled in chocolate and dirt and tomato sauce.
  • He’s so skinny and ugly, that no one else in the world will want him and love him as much as I could.
  • He blinked at me.
  • I could call him Tack. Or Tick. Or Leaf.
  • It was the cutest little blink.
  • I could teach him how to walk on a leash and we could go for walks together.
  • Seriously, he just looked up, and blinked, and then I melted right into a puddle on the floor.


Dear Mum/ Dad/ Landlord/ Flatmates/ Boyfriend,

I promise not to buy a kitten, but let the records show that I’d like that one very much. Even though I know I can’t have him. *sigh*



6 thoughts on “Reasons why I should have the kitten in the Miramar ‘A’nimal’Z’ vet clinic and pet store.

  1. Dear Shannon/Daughter/shannie,
    No means No mister! Sorry. How about a picture of an ugly giraffe or something like that??.
    P.S. If you got one your other two cats would be in the mail to you. I mean, physically in the mailbox with stamps on their foreheads. LOL

  2. I had the exact same reaction when I saw the cutest, floppy eared bunny at the pet store a few weeks back. I couldn’t get him either.

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