I’m that dork on the bus.

The stop signal on the bus to Kilbirnie alternates between sounding like a baby chicken, a dying goose, and a startled duck.

All three make me snort with laughter.


5 thoughts on “I’m that dork on the bus.

  1. if i were on that bus, i would be the one catching your eye and smirking each time you snorted, because it’s what i would be trying very hard not do to myself.

  2. Jess: They were the sounds from that button you press, you know to lett he driver know you want to get off?

    Alice: We need more people like you in Wellington – every one here takes buses so freaking seriously..

    Talea: I’ve never done that. But once on a trip back home from seeing the parents I might have fallen asleep and drooled. Also there is the distinct possibility that I snored…

    Dad: It was like a ‘peep’ a ‘hawank’ and an ‘eep’

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