Last night was Taekwon Do again, and we did lots of flexibility exercises that you just would not believe. Well you wouldn’t believe them, andI can’t explain them to my satisfaction.

Lets just say that I overcame my illusions of Taekwon Do being an dignified and regal art, at about the same time I found myself staring at the ceiling with my legs wide open. My legs were held open by two guys who, it seemed, were intent on cracking my pelvis like a wishbone. I had met one of the men literally minutes before-hand.

I also got my new Dobok (think white PJ’s on the very loose side, tied with a spanking new white belt.) Then I went and got it all dirty by doing a lot of sprawling around on the floor, holding people’s legs open, and generally larking about.

I’ve been doing a little bit of study on numbers  and so far I can count to at least four in Korean without incident, but beyond that my pronunciation is shocking. I may have to corner someone in the class and have them count to ten a few times with me – I can’t for the life of me figure out how ilgop is supposed to sound (I think that’s 8….) 

Whoops.. I’m late for my gym showdown…. Ask me more later…


4 thoughts on “Flexibility.

  1. Adey: I’m sure Ben will be fine with it, so long as I don’t practice any of my newfound skills on him. He gets really touchy when I hit him 😛

    Jess: I dunno, the pain is kinda manageable if you can relax, but if you can relax in a position like that then you’re pretty much a freak of nature.

    Paul: I should have drawn a diagram huh? I was going to… But it was in paint, and it looked kinda lewd – even with stick figures.

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