Spot Quiz! With a side of badass (only, like, girly badass.)

Guess what? Last night I slammed my elbow and hand repetitively into a slab of re-breakable wood. It hurt.

Breaking blocks of wood is a requirement for Blue Belts to grade in Taekwon Do. It’s also a requirement for being badass in life. That’s why I was doing it.

I only managed to break the wood once, with a knife hand blow… That was pretty much the sweetest sore hand I’ve ever experienced. Also? It’s totally cool that I have the broken looking pinky finger to prove it.

So, anyway, since this post seems to be all about Taekwon Do, I thought I’d subject you all to another spot quiz. Mostly because I’m having difficulty learning the Student Oath, and making other people learn it is the next best thing to learning it myself.

The Student Oath is usually said…
a) When you hurt yourself. It sounds a lot like a swear word.
b) Whenever you piss off someone with a cooler belt than you. It’s like doing lines and reminding you of your place in the grand scheme of things.
c) At the beginning of the class (right after you do the bowing thing.)
d) At the end of the class (right before you do the bowing thing, and the collapsing in an exhausted heap thing.)

Which of the following is not a section of the student oath?
a) I shall observe the tenants of Taekwon Do
b) I shall respect the instructor and seniors
c) I shall never misuse Taekwon Do
d) I shall be a champion of freedom and justice
e) I shall build a more peaceful world
f) I shall campaign for fairer youth wages, and uphold the rights of all minorities

These tenant things, what are they?
a) Courtesy and Integrity
b) Perseverance and Self Control
c) Indomitable Spirit

Indomitable Spirit, what say you?
a) A wee bit scary – it’s a close cousin of the indomitable snowman.
b) We’re talking superhero stuff here – like the willingness to stand up for others, even if it doesn’t look like the odds are in your favor.

All of the above

And… On a tangent, may I make a recommendation? Watch Juno. That is all.


6 thoughts on “Spot Quiz! With a side of badass (only, like, girly badass.)

  1. I like “girly badass” and “It’s also a requirement for being badass in life” hehehe Girl, you are funny! 🙂 Congrats on breaking that wood. That IS pretty badass!

  2. Would somebody please explain to me the benefits of chopping a piece of wood with your hand? I mean ok… on those long winter nights when you wander outside only to find your chainsaw is broken, then kung-fu’ing a tree down into little pieces has its advantages… but otherwise….hmmm

  3. Paul B, I was wondering the exact same thing… So I looked on Wikipedia… “In general, breaking is used as a method of measuring force of strikes for martial artists, as there was no other way to do this and only recently have devices such as Accelerometers been used in martial arts…

    The general principles used in martial arts breaking training is similar to the same principles used for most athletics. The body adapts to stress. There are generally three areas a martial arts breaker wishes to force their body to adapt to: the bones, the skin (callouses), and muscles (for both mass and speed).

    The general principle here — for instance, for the bones — is found in Wolff’s law, which states that the skeletal system will, after healing, be stronger if injury is put to it. In this manner the breaking practitioner operates not unlike a bodybuilder who works out with weights, then takes a period of rest to heal and allow the muscles to come back stronger.”

    Alice: I think I might identify a lot more closely with that sentiment than I should…

  4. I knew/guessed the answers to the first and last questions, but the two in the middle were very interesting new info for me.

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