A conversation with Shannon’s imaginary colleague.

Shannon’s imaginary colleague comes across a pile of boxes outside the stationary room. Inside he/she can see Shannon wearing a newspaper hat, brandishing a ruler like a sword.

Imaginary Colleague: Hey Shannon, Cool newspaper pirate hat! Can I have one?

Shannon: No. It’s my conquering hat, and there’s no more newspaper left.

Imaginary Colleague: Oh… So what are you doing with all those boxes? It’s really hard to get into the stationary room with them all piled out here.

Shannon: I’m flirting with the idea of building a box wall and barricading myself in the stationary room. However it’s come to my attention that perhaps the kitchen might be a better room to annex.

Imaginary Colleague: Why’s that?

Shannon: Well for one thing, the kitchen’s got running water.

Imaginary Colleague: Right…


Imaginary Colleague: … So listen can I get in there to use the photocopier?

Shannon: No. Leave now before I decide to extend the box wall to your office, minion.

Imaginary Colleague: I’ll just use the copier later.




4 thoughts on “A conversation with Shannon’s imaginary colleague.

  1. my college roommate and i once came about thiiiiiiis close to using all those bricks of instant coffee you can find at the grocery story and building a wall in the middle of the aisle with them. at 3am.

    i went to a boring university.

  2. Kat: Awesome. But you still can’t have a hat, only I get a hat. You can have a sword though.

    Alice: You totally should have done it. Our grocery stores aren’t open till 3am, which is my excuse for why I haven’t done it myself.

  3. Sometimes I like to think about walling up the big open front of my otherwise walled in reception area and see what people do when they walk in to see their lawyer, tax consultant etc. and are greeted with a mishmash of cardboard boxes. Something tells me it wouldn’t go very well.

    Other empowering headgear includes: underwear, burger king bags, condoms (non lubricated).

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