What I didn’t say…

Actual Real Live Colleague:Wow, Cous Cous and tuna for lunch – that’s only 1.3grams of fat!

Shannon: Is it? You know that off the top of your head?!

Actual Real Live Colleague: [Mutual Boss] keeps kicking me out of his office.

Shannon: Really? He never throws me out. I wish he would…

Security Lady: So when and where did you lose your work ID?

Shannon: On Friday night in a bar. Probably. Or it could have been that tattoo place we went to.

Elevator Lady: That’s a lovely jacket. it looks very warm.

Shannon: Thank you. It’s perfect for Wellington during winter. If by perfect I mean it’s bulky, non-business appropriate, leaky, and that the white arms are so stained they’re now permanently cream.



6 thoughts on “What I didn’t say…

  1. Yup, jsut to look at the flash on the walls. I haven’t finished my next one. I had to start from scratch, and now i just need some time away from uni, and Taekwon Do, and work to finish it.

    Nope they cancelled it pretty quick smart. I’m not entirely sure if it’s lostlost, but i didn’t want to take the chance.

  2. i’ve lost my ID tag three times and each time when i report it the security guards look at me like i’m some sort of insane terrorist trying to invade the building

    those security guards will turn on you, just like that!

  3. I’ve been dying for a tattoo… but I can’t think of what I could put on my body that I won’t get sick of in 6 months and have to go through a painful lasering process…

  4. Manager Mom: You should put it somewhere you can’t see it, like on your back. You end up forgetting it’s even there, until you catch sight of it in a mirror and then it’s like “oh yeah.. that thing.. it’s still there?!”

    Jess: I know.. I think he’s one of those crazy health concious people.

  5. This guy is a gym bunny.

    Actually bunny isn’t very manly is it. Lets call him a gym rabbit. Or a gym wallaby. Gym kangeroo?

    Whatever. He goes to the gym. He knows that curry is a ‘sometime food’ and he told me that cous cous and tuna has very little fat.

    To tell you the truth I’d be far more impressed
    if he could tell me the Percent of Daily reccomended saturated fats and sodium it includes… 😛

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