What the hell.

Ben’s house got broken into again, and this time they really ransacked the place. What the hell!

His landlord is installing a burglar alarm. I, personally, think that the landlord should install a heavily tattooed cage fighter with a Rottweiler called Mangler.


8 thoughts on “What the hell.

  1. I wish my house had a heavily tattooed cage fighter with a rottweiler. And not for protection from burglars.

  2. Man thats crazy, wonder if it was the same people? I wouldnt think people would end up by their house – I mean why would you want to climb a million freaking steps “just in case” noone is home. But on the down side, noone can see if they are breaking in to stop them.

    Hope its a br=urglar alarm attached to Chubb. Otherwise they just go off and noone checks, just complains about the noise ๐Ÿ˜› Dog sounds much better

    Poor Ben Ben!

  3. I think that is a fine looking dog and yes they make good theft deterrents! But that stinks that your friend had that happen and more than once! Sheesh. Hopefully some good is coming his way.

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