Romeo and Juliet.

I love going to the ballet. it’s not just the dancing and the music and the costumes (although the costumes are one of my favorite bits) I just love the fun of a night out and the excitement of going to the theater.

Of course plays and musicals have all those things too, but there is absolutely nothing like seeing a ballet to make you feel like a real girly girl. Even though as a rule I don’t like acting like a girly girl. Except when it involves facemasks. Or cupcakes. Or romantic comedies *sigh*.

(perhaps it’s time to admit i’m a wee bit more girly than I like to think?)

The one thing I don’t like about going to the ballet: Paying for the tickets. That’s because I am a broke student at heart. (Well at heart, and most often in person too.)

Despite that whole being broke thing I invited Louise to come with me to see Romeo and Juliet next month. I had seen a discount voucher for it in my E book, so I was hoping to get a couple of really good A or B reserve seats for a nice low price.

Then I asked myself: why just keep it to Louise and myself when I can invite many more people, thereby increasing the number of people I dissapoint when I screw up the plans? So I invited more people.

THEN I checked the vouchers and found that they only applied to C and D reserve. What’s more they only took off 25% of a C reserve ticket.

I worked out the cost per person for a discounted C reserve. After I had swallowed a few pain killers for the massive maths headache I was developing, I discovered that a discounted C reserve would cost us $7.25 more each than if we were paying for student tickets for B reserve.

The problem is that we’re not all students. So I added the cost of a few student tickets, to the cost of a few normal B reserve tickets then I divided it by the number of people in the group and then multiplied that by the square root of the number of times I had smacked my forehead on my desk in frustration, and discovered that it was going to cost us roughly the same to just ignore the discount voucher, and use our student ID’s, and we’d get better seats out of it..

Then I drank a workplace martini (3 sprays of Bach Rescue Remedy Spray + one antiacid tablet) and then emailed the group of people coming with me the plan.

Then I screwed up the sheet of refill with all my carefully planned numbers and prices, and invited another couple of people. I’m just going to let Ticketek work it all out for me when I show up demanding B reserve with a handful of cash, and a handful of student ID’s.


One thought on “Romeo and Juliet.

  1. Wow – that’s a lot of math for the tickets. I like a good ballet too, but actually I’m just as happy if not happier with a good musical or play. I just saw Menopause the Musical and left there with the biggest grin on my face – it was so funny. Maybe you are too young for that though since you are a loooong way from Menopause, but you would definitely remember it! 🙂

    ha, actually I really wanted to see that one when it was here in Wellington. It looked like a real hoot. I ran out of time and money unfortunately!

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