Oh look! It’s another cold!

Dear Immune System,


Were you guys napping, or are you just incompetent?



3 thoughts on “Oh look! It’s another cold!

  1. Get Vicks “First Defence”.
    Whenever someone has a cold here or if I feel something coming on, I toss a squirt of that up the nose and hey presto, me no catchie coldie.
    Plus the ad on TV is funny.
    Haven’t had a cold/flu for several years now.
    Hope you feel better soon.

    I actually ran out and brought some first defence yesterday, I might have started a wee bit late but I’m feeling WAY better today than I did yesterday – which is good because I have my trial grading today.

    How have you managed to avoid getting sick for so long? Is there some sort of magic multi vitimin I’m not taking?

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