The supermarket was a bad idea.

Scene: Shannon enters the lounge where her two flatmates are chilling. Shannon looks slightly hysterical, and is carrying grocery bags that weigh more than she does.

Flatmate: That’s a lot of bags you’ve got there.

Shannon: I know. I knew going shopping was a stupid thing to do.

Flatmate:A bag of potatoes? What are you going to do with a bag of potatoes?

Shannon: I DON’T KNOW! I wanted comfort food. Essentially I spent $107.00 on a bag of potatoes, some chicken enchiladas, and a frozen pizza.

Flatmate 2: Why did you go shopping?

Shannon: Spending money always makes me feel better before it makes me feel worse. Oh. And you know how they have impulse buy chocolate bars and stuff lining the counter?

Flatmate: How many chocolate bars did you impulse buy?

Shannon: None. I impulse brought a lighter.

Flatmate: What?! What are you going to do with a lighter? You don’t smoke, and you don’t have incense or anything to light with it.

Shannon: I know I think that’s why it’s called an impulse buy.