Thou shalt watch too much Buffy the Vampire Slayer, whilst reclining on yon bed with yon giant tub of ice cream.

Thou shalt become reacquainted with ye alcoholic beverage, and partake muchly.

Thou shalt spend one weekend wearing thou favored pair of pajamas, boxing wraps, and boxing gloves. 

Thou shalt care little about personal hygiene, deeming showers to be for yon girls ‘who have boyfriends to smell nice for.’

On the seventh day thou shalt change thou sheets, shower, remove junk food wrappers from yon bed, and resume the wearing of deodorant. Thou friends and flatmates shalt breath a sigh of relief and you shalt know the gym again.


7 thoughts on “Commandments

  1. I shalt follow thy commandments. *bows*

    They’re more of a guideline than they are set in stone… for example, you may wish to substitute the tub of ice cream, for a box of cupcakes.. or a giant bar of chocolate.

  2. these are SUPERB commandments. i am honestly now considering buying the buffy dvds for my next breakup, because holy cow, what a good idea.

    wallowing is totally necessary in these situations. congrats on making it to the gym though 🙂

    It wasn’t so much the gym, as TKD, and BOY do I have an awful story about that to share. Buffy was awesome. I think people underestimate just how sad buffy is. I was having difficulty crying and letting it all out, but after 16 hours of buffy and all the failed relationships, and the having to kill angel, and the sad, sad monsters, I had cried on average once an episode.

  3. the ice cream commandment is the best, it really will make you feel so much better, *hugs* 🙂

    I DID feel better. Right after I had digested all the junk food I ate. Maybe that’s the point of eating crap. You feel bad emotionally, so you stuff yourself full of junk, and when the belly ache goes away, voila, you feel better!

  4. I’m so sorry this is such a crummy time for you. I’m glad you are picking yourself up and getting back into the swing of things even though it is not easy. We’re here to support you if you need us! Hugs to you!

    Thanks 🙂

  5. No comment on Chocolate. Not Bloody ONE!
    And You call yourself a STEVEN.
    Where did I go wrong??? lol LU

    Oh, I just couldn’t seem to force myself to eat chocolate… bahahaha. Yeah, clearly that wasn’t the case… So the tub of ice-cream I took to bed with me? It had giant chocolate cookie chunks, and chocolate chips, and chocolate sauce swirled through it. I’m pretty sure I’m 48% chocolate now.

  6. this really should have included “Thou shalt come with friends for Thai and wine”
    Hope your starting to feel better

    Ha, I really should have, but I so wasn’t in the mood for company. Of course I was jealous and changed my mind right after you guys left!

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