Les Mills: not quite as terrifying as I first thought.

So last night I went to my new gym for the first time. I forgot my membership card so I had to go introduce myself to the lovely gay man behind the desk. He called me sweetie, which made me feel young again, and gave me directions to studio one. All of a sudden this new gym thing wasn’t very scary.

I went to a Body Attack class, which was lots of running and cardio stuff. I’m not really fit, but I managed to finish the class, although my calves felt like dead weights.

Class was HUGE. And the studio was HUGE. I didn’t feel like a dork at all, because there were just so many other people there. You know they can’t ALL be looking at you.

Afterwards I stuck around to do the 7.15pm Body Balance class. It was really REALLY nice to have the option to stay later and do another class, that one was pretty much the sole reason I decided to quit Configure.

I’ll admit that I felt like a big dork doing Body Balance. It’s all ballet and yoga and pilates like. There were big burly guys there with more grace than me. I’m not really what you’d call graceful when working out, mostly I’m just sweaty.

Looking at the timetable, and the times I’m available, I’m pretty spoilt for choice on the classes I can do. Weekends are going to be an issue though. I have two whole days free, and roughly 8 classes I want to do. If I’m not careful I’ll spend my entire weekend hanging out at the gym.

Right before I left I weighed myself in the changing room, and the scales said that I weigh 3kgs less than what I thought I did. I don’t believe that they’re entirely correct, but I was all ‘oh you sweet, sweet gym. Me and you are going to be good friends.’

Then, when I got home, I ate a hotdog in the bath while watching an episode of Buffy the Vampire Slayer on my laptop. I’m all kinds of classy.

So In short: The gym isn’t too scary.

Also: Does anyone want to come hold my hand for the 6pm boxing class tonight? Aparantly I can take anyone with me for a free workout, and I really don’t want to do it alone. What if I pass out and have no one to put me into recovery position?


4 thoughts on “Les Mills: not quite as terrifying as I first thought.

  1. I would totally be there with you tonight but I have netball……dammit!

    That’s cool, just make sure you redeam your thingie before 31st August.

  2. You really like to work out a lot! I suppose that is good but I could never keep up that pace. And what do you mean the man behind the desk made you feel young again? You ARE young! 🙂

    I like to work out, but I’m really not fit at all! And I guess 22 is young, but some days I feel freaking OLD.

  3. Glad you like it! 🙂 How was the class tonight? I really want to join a cool gym like that. I went to attack once in Palmy and it nearly killed me. Never again!

    I chickened out of boxing! I might go tonight, or on the weekend when there’s an intro class. Instead I went for a run in the cardio theater, and did another body balance class. I really don’t see how body balance constitutes a workout, or even does anything for flexibility and balance… I’m going to see if I notice any difference in a month or so.

  4. I only went a couple of times and it doesnt get the heart rate up, but can be good for flexability. I go to pilates and its great for strength, toning, and gets a sweat up. Body balance might do similar?

    I hope so. Usually it just reminds me where all my sore spots are… yesterday I discovered my back is tender becuase of the rolls we were doing at TKD earlier this week, and that my ankle is still sorefrom last weekend. And don’t even talk to me about my sore calves!

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