Why I will not be sleeping tonight.

TV: Next up, the new season of Ghost Whisperer. 

Shannon: That’s a really dumb idea. 

Shannon: And yet…



Edited to add: I lasted 10 minutes. 


6 thoughts on “Why I will not be sleeping tonight.

  1. ha ha ha best part is when she pulls her head apart at the beginning. she looks old in this new episode. old with boobs.

    You know, I didn’t pay any attention to the boobs… I was too busy worrying about the thing under the pavement, and in the basement.

  2. I didnt watch that but I did watch the season premiere of Private Practice. hehe. And didnt get much sleep after a massive earthquake shook me awake and threw things around the house. I lay awake for hours waiting for the next one. Or the Tsunami.

    Oooh! I watched the last 10 minutes of that.. It looked good, although perhaps it would have been better if I’d seen the start!

  3. I’ve never seen that show. Will have to tune in sometime.

    Iturn it off as soon as it get’s scary, so I’ve never actually watched a whole episode. From what I’ve managed to guess: Jennifer love Hewart see ghosts, they’re scary, something happens, something else happens, somehow she doesn’t die: new episode.

  4. Lately I have been losing sleep by trying to catch up on Season 1 of Mad Men so I can start up on Season 2…damn that show is addictive, and I am in LOVE with the lead actor in it..dark-haired and dashing…*sigh* 🙂

    I’ve never heard of that one… I did a google search though, and you’re right about the dark and dashing lead man… Although he’s kind of old.

  5. Big Bad Yellow Belt – come Boxer!!! lol
    I use to go and eat my tea at the table when Lost in Space came on.
    I was six. It was black and white. It was scary!!! OK!!!

    Yeah.. I’m a wimp. But you can’t punch ghosts, TV taught me that…

  6. hahaha…yes it’s true he’s a bit old, but I don’t know, I’m starting to get into older men in their mid/late 30’s…I think it’s because I’m in my late 20’s now…I’m growing up, bring on the older men! LOL.. 😉

    That’s the worst thing about getting older – the sugar daddys get older too!

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