Today sucked. Just so you know.

From my notes from Uni today:

One day you wake up for a few moments and realise that you are in a shit heap worth of trouble with your boss, and it’s all your own fault. You realise that that research essay should have really been started a week ago. You realise that you’re screwing up your finances again. And you realise that you’re not on top of it all as you thought you were.

Then you realise that you’ve missed your bus to uni.



Thankfully this all got better when I got to TKD. It was a nice relaxed lesson, and we went over lots of basics, and lots of sparring drills, then we had a bit of an impromptue Q & A session that was very informative.

I think after a week of no TKD, and a week and a bit of no gym (I had another cold, and a sore ankle, and needed a bit of time to pull myself together) I just needed to recenter myself.

Of course it did nothing for the fact that I’m constantly fucking up in other aspects of my life, but it did give me a nice calm place to start sorting out this weeks screw ups from.


2 thoughts on “Today sucked. Just so you know.

  1. What did you do? My boss threatened me with a “well if you want to keep doing this job then you had better…” speech. I blasted him because even though it was my fault, he shouldnt have threatened my job. Plus I know its too hard for him to get rid of me and would take too much work on his part (hes lazy).
    Try not to stress about the finances thing, I think it is the time of year. I cant get out of overdraft either! And I totally do the assignment thing – I have about 6 or 7 due in the next 3 weeks, none started.
    Glad TKD made you feel better ๐Ÿ™‚ Hope everything is more sorted for you today!

    Oh I just left something on my desk for way too long. The guy really deserved a response much sooner than it’s going to get to him, because i stuffed around with my bit of the job.

  2. I do that aaaallllll the time. Everything is too long for most of our customers though. 3 hours (in the middle of our night) is too long for most of them, and Ill read my emails in the morning and they would have sent the same email 5 times and would have started pannicking all since 8pm the night before ๐Ÿ˜›
    If the guy complains, blame it on something like cyber space eating the original response which you “sent straight away” or NZ Post if thats how you responded.

    Or the always acceptable ‘my dog ate it.’

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