Names I’m considering for my future Great Dane puppy.





What do you think? And don’t tell me I can’t have one. I know that I don’t have enough room. Or my own house… Or a backyard.

I will one day though.


9 thoughts on “Names I’m considering for my future Great Dane puppy.

  1. A great dane?!

    Willis seems very suitable for a great dane. Or poppy if it’s a girl.

    When it comes to Chuck that name belongs to one man only the delectable Ed Westwick.
    I shall get to see Episode 1 Season 2 tonight. Yay.

    Or a boxer dog… Or any dog! I so want a puppy! I like the name Chuck. It’s a gangly sounding name (Ed’s gangly, yes?) I also like Stella but that’s taken by Bossy’s Great Dane. I think the world might be too small for two grat danes called stella.

  2. Mouse would be funny! because it would be this huge dog. Called mouse. Mice are small… I’m sure you got that already!
    I think Poppy for a girl or Chuck if its a boy. Willis also good. reminds me of Bruce.

    I know.. I think if I got a girl I’d call it mouse. and for a boy I’d call it chuck. Of course Willis is a big contender, just because when it barks I could say ‘what you talkin about Willis?!’

  3. Great danes are wonderful dogs. My parents got me a great dane when I was three and he was my best friend. His name was Royal’s Blue Lancer or ‘Lancer’ for short.

    I can’t wait to actually have enough room to own one! Of course it’s a wee while away, but I believe in being prepared.

  4. Wilis is great. “what you talking bout Willis?!” Brilliant!

    I know right! I think it’s inspired.

  5. I like Mouse – it goes either well for eitehr sex. My friends have two great danes. I don’t know how big you are, but my friends’ are almost as big as me on all fours and definitely bigger than me on hind legs, and they could take me for a walk if they wanted to. 😯

    I’m a bit short actually. I have great hopes for a growth spurt later on this year. I know that this is going to be the year it happens!

  6. Have you considered the name “Tower” for your Dane? In honor of 9/11 & the majestic size of a Dane?

    Nope I havent.. it’s a bit of a mouthful to yell out in the dog park, and I’m a New Zealander, so if I was going to name it for something like that I’d go for the rainbow warrior or something. But again.. bit of a mouthful to yell out at the dog park!
    Besides calling your dog rainbow is just asking for him to be beaten up by bullys.

  7. KISS (keep it simple stupid).
    “Bad Dog!”

    Gary is awesome! I’d love a dog called Gary.

  8. My “sister in law” has a cat called Gary. It’s an awesome name. Just like Gary the snail (spongebob squarepants).

    Minnie could work instead of mouse, she could be Minnie Mouse.
    I totally also just realised that sounds the same as mini!

    Oh! Sponge Bob Square Pants! I knew there was a reason I liked Gary so much. If I ever get a cat I’m definitely calling it Gary. Or His Royal Highness the Duke of Pain, Chaos, and Disembowlment.

  9. Our Great Dane was a rescue so she was already named Lexi when we got her, but it really fits her. I do like the name Poppy for a female Dane.

    I think for a male, I like the name Trigger – after Roy Rogers’ horse. I know when Lexi gets the zoomies out in the yard, she looks like a horse galloping around.

    Of course, our other dog – mixed breed – is named Logan which I think is also a pretty cool name for a male dog.

    Trigger is an awesome name 🙂 I’ll admit that one of the biggest plusses to owning a Great Dane is that it’s pony sized! I’ve always wanted a house pony…

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