It’s generally not a good idea to stand in front of me when I’m scowling.

Yesterday was a good day right up until I hit the gym. Then, all of a sudden, I couldn’t stand being around people. It was a good thing I was in the city’s biggest gym during sweaty people rush hour…

I got changed, grabbed my boxing gear, and ran up the stairs – bumping into no less than three spatially confused sheep.

When I got the the top floor it was full of people and the class was about to start. There looked like there were no spare bags, and everyone looked partnered up. Instead of loitering like a dork in the doorway I decided to flag it an instead do a Body Attack class. (Translation: I chickened out)

While  I was waiting around for the studio to open for Body Attack all these people ended up STANDING IN FRONT OF ME. I glowered and pouted a bit but said nothing because I knew I was being very petty. 

Then the doors opened up and I found myself a spot on the side near the back, with lots of room for flailing around (body attack is flail-intensive), and anyway, these two girls came in wearing silly little tank tops, and they totally STOOD RIGHT IN FRONT OF ME. Then all of a sudden there were people in front of me and to my sides, and there wasn’t enough room for a decent workout.

The best bit? I didn’t move to another spot in the room because the only other spots were up the front and I’ve only been to one other class, and because I was there first, so if anyone should have moved it should have been the stupid tank top girls. 

I hate being all cramped when working out. It makes me worry about kicking people.

Anyway so all though this damn class I was cramped and having to watch my feet, and watch where I was flinging my hands. I was already angry, and I just wanted to sweat a bit in a class without having to worry about fifty thousand other people standing near me, WAS THAT TOO MUCH TO ASK?


So anyway, I walked out of the class in a huff after 45 minutes. It was all very drama queenish. Rather than staying at the gym and doing another class, or going for a run in the Cardio theater, or jumping in the sauna, or even just showering (!) I grabbed my stuff, slammed my locker, and stormed out of the gym scowling like a … scowling person. (Shut up I’m ranting here.)

Once I got outside I realised that I was sweaty and COLD and I wasn’t anywhere near done working out, but hey, it was too late to go back, so I went and stood in the bus stop all shivery as two buses to Miramar took off without me. And obviously that improved my mood…

Some days I seem to just flip like a switch, one moment I’m all fine, and the next I’m about ready to start punching people.


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