Weirdness abounds…

Shannon: I had the weirdest dream last night. I can’t figure out what it all means. 

Louise: Oooh what was it about?

Shannon: I don’t really know… It was… Involved…

Louise: Involved like how?

Shannon: Well there was this blocked toilet. 

Louise: Uhuh.

Shannon: And this group of friends, like you guys from high school. And they all went to this planet somewhere where they had all these role models and substitute father types right? And this group was really important somehow, and they were friends of the princess. 

Louise: uh…

Shannon: Anyway it was a bit like Narnia, because time comes that they need to go back to earth. So  they go back to their own planet and do a lot of growing up. 

Back on the other planet the princess has become the queen, and she’s in trouble, there’s about to be a big war. She’s worried so she sends the fox to earth to double check that the group of important people are ok, but because she doesn’t want to get them involved she gives him instructions not to say anything about the war, right?

(The fox was just a guy who’s sort of a spy, defense chief, who looks like a human, but everyone understands that he’s actually a fox, not a human.)


Shannon: So the fox gets to earth and he’s all like ‘Dudes, big conflict, we need help.’ Because he knows that they’re going to need the group from earth otherwise the queen’s going to be in big trouble.

So Jack and his group of friends (because it turns out that the main dude from earth is called Jack) go back and the first place they stop off at is like this city convenience store/ noodle bar where all their old role models hang out. Jack sees Noodle Jack – he’s a different type of Jack – and he’s all ‘Noodle Jack! How ya doing!’ and Noodle Jack is all ‘Jack! My boy! You’re back, they’re all down there.’ and he points don under the counter at the noodle bar.

So Jack and his group of mates walk round the counter and all their male role models are sitting on the floor, playing cards, and they’re all ‘Jack! My boy! What chocolate are you having?’ and so Jack chooses some different types of chocolate and they all look at his choices and nod approvingly. 

And then they all hug, and are about to head to catch up with the queen who’s having words with the fox, and that’s when you woke me up because you forgot your key.


Shannon: Yeah, like I said, involved, and I don’t have a clue what it all means.

Louise: It means you’ve got a big imagination.

Shannon: And that I should stop eating berry flavoured dairy, gluten, and fat free ice cream before bed.


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