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I’ve been watching slam poetry lately on YouTube – I have a ton of favorites.

This week’s favorite, though, really speaks to me. It’s called Duhpreshun, and it’s written and performed by Marty Schoenleber III.

I can’t embed the video here, but you can check it out here: Clickety Click. And I highly recommend you do check it out.

What really gets to me about this poem, is how it begins “Some days you eat the bear, some days the bear eats you.” The phrase is used often – I think it may have christian origins, which makes sense, as the poem was written by a christian dude, and refers to god, the bible and religion at a couple of points.

Personally, the religion stuff doesn’t speak to me, but the words he uses to describe his battle with depression? That does in a very big way.

Depression is my bear. Some days, some hours, some weeks I beat it. Some I don’t.


Liking the slam poetry, but not the subject matter? I can recommend a few others that get me snapping my fingers:

Jellyfish – by Andrea Gibson
There’s a higher quality version, but I really like this one, because she has a bit of a chat at the beginning, which gives you a nice insight into the person who wrote the poem. I love this one because of the use of words, and I love the recording because something about it being done in front of an audience makes it more approachable.

You Move Me -Gina Loring
This poem moves me. It’s written for members of the ‘fatherless tribe’. Thankfully I’m not of that tribe, but I connect with this. It’s short, Sweet, and heartfelt.

‘Drunk Text Message to God’ – George Watsky
I love this. It makes me giggle. Actually? I love most of this dudes poems.
Generally, I’m not really fond of the whole religion thing, so it’s nice to see religion treated with levity. “I love manatees.”

Pretty – Katie Makkai
A lot of people will have already seen this, Gala Darling posted about it a long time ago.
This poem starts slow but ends with one hell of a bang. It has impact, and makes perfect sense to me. I’d like to internalise this message, and make it my new mascot. I’d like to live my life by this poem.


3 thoughts on “Duhpreshun

  1. Thanks Leaf, for coming back to the blogosphere.

    Thanks for posting these links. I listened to every slam poet you linked.

    I’m a little stunned by the intensity right now. It’s past my bedtime.

    Hey David, thanks for stopping by 🙂 Glad you found the poetry interesting – You’re bound to have some pretty weird and wonderful dreams if you’re watching these before bed!!

  2. I did have some interesting dreams, now that you mention it. I assumed that they were due to the lunar eclipse/solstice, which I did wake up to see a tiny bit around 2 a.m. Sorry you couldn’t see it down there in NZ.

    What was it like? I’ve never seen a lunar eclipse…

  3. I really like that ‘You move me’ one! My parents split when I was really young, and I remember having a very strong attachment to MacGyver. Also Big Bird, but I’m pretty sure that wasn’t because of the Dad thing.

    I’ve always had a deep and meaningful connection with Kermit the Frog.

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