A night out!

I had an amazing night last night.

Work dragged a little, so at 4pm I gave up any pretense of actually working, and instead organised my gym gear, listened to my ‘Boppity Bop’ playlist, and gave myself a manicure.

My job is one where I have my own office, and little to no direct supervision. As long as I do my job (and I do – awesomely) then The Organisation is happy. I am a very, very lucky girl!!

I hit the gym for a couple of hours then met up with Becks, and a couple of her friends for drinks. Originally the plan had been to go to a singles night at a cowboy themed bar (I know, right?! How could that go wrong!!)

Instead we had $5 frozen cosmos (they tasted like popsicles!) and went dancing, before meeting up with a bunch of the flatties workmates.

Things I did last night:

Felt tall, in my ridiculously high heels. It’s nice to be taller than people. I’m pretty sure I’m actually naturally supposed to be half a foot higher than I am. I am still holding out hope for that last-minute growth spurt.

Comeon Shannon! You can do it!!

Looked great in my jeans. Yeah I said it. I looked good.

Caught some guy digging through our pile of purses and coats… Because I was standing right next to him when he did it!

I was all “Dude, this is mine, what the fuck are you doing?” He didn’t get a chance to respond because a bouncer swooped in from somewhere where he’d been watching us in the shadows, and dragged Mr Pickpocket outside by the scruff of his neck. Bouncers are awesome.

Danced on a Podium… Er Yeah. You probably don’t believe me, but I wasn’t totally wasted or anything at any point last night. I was just relaxed, and feeling a bit less anxious than usual. In total I probably only had a couple of drinks!

The podium thing was a little… Um SCARY! But Becks dragged me up onto it with all the confidence of a blonde cheerleader type, and convinced me that it was a good idea.

I ended up enjoying myself immensely. (Can you believe this is the same girl who was given the award for being the best ghost at high school!!)

Flirted with one or two interesting men, and one sinfully hot one… He got full approval points from everyone present.  I also met a bunch of other interesting people, and learnt that house reds in Tuscany are crap. (Do with that information what you will!)

This morning began a bit earlier than I was ready for though, I was up and awake at 7. Which, I mean, on one hand it’s shitty, but on the other – coming from someone who couldn’t leave her bed before 11am four months ago?? Yeah, I’m OK with a 7am wake-up!

I made the mistake of taking my meds on an empty stomach, which does NOT do good things for me – I’m still learning the ins and outs of what works and doesn’t work with them. Becks and I ended up having to make an emergency run to the French Bakery down the road.

For emergency pastry. Naturally.

I think French Bakeries are important for my quality of life.

So are awesome nights out with awesome people, awesome music, and awesome dancing.


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