IT Consultant Manager, and Queen of all the Technology. Also the Stapler.

I might have just eaten my own weight in pasta. And by ‘might have’, I mean I did. And it was amazing.

Ugh. Pasta belly.

And you know what the sad thing is?? Despite the overwhelming fullness, I’m totally eyeing up the last couple of snickerdoodle cookies that I baked on Sunday.

Apparently I have a separate stomach for desert-like foods.

You know what? I’m going to do it. And if I end up throwing it all up at the gym later… well, I’m not going to say it’ll have been worth it… But those cookies are pretty damn good.

Mmm cookie crumbs on my laptop.

Do you know what I heard today, that has me absolutely outraged and horrified? No? Buffy the Vampire Slayer is going to be re-done, to keep up with the True-Bloods.


Also? Without Joss Whedon!


I think my love of Buffy is fairly well documented at this point. I once went an entire year getting nothing but Buffy DVD’s from my Dad. It was the best year ever – aside from the year I got a pony.

Nothing beats a pony, not even Buffy.

Back on point: ‘rebooting’ Buffy will RUIN it! Ugh. Shocked and horrified. I’m going to write an outraged letter to the TV guide or something. And I’ll definitely be signing it ‘Outraged Buffy Fan’.

Also? I am at home right now. Apparently my strict 9-4pm schedule only lasted one whole day.

I’m joking… Sort of.

I was at work by ten – which if you think about it is only an hour late, and BARELY counts, because technically I do more hours than I’m paid for anyway… Technically.

So yeah. I was at work, but we have this whole ‘phone and internet system swap over’ happening at the moment. Since I’m The Organization’s only actual employee, it seems that I’m somehow by default spear-heading the swap over.

This might be a mistake on my bosses part. Mostly because I know very little about modems, routers, cables, and general IT crap.

Mostly I know about google. And cookies.

I can google to find help on almost anything. BUT I can not google ‘crap, the internet stopped working’ from an office where the internet has stopped working.

I guess that’s my way of saying I’m at home using the internet and phone connection here, because the project might be floundering a little.

Or a lot. Generally not having a working phone in an office is a bad thing, right?

I guess this situation has both a shitty side, and an awesome side, though. On the shitty side, it’s so far out of my ability and skill set, that the job is actually laughable, but on the plus side, I can totally use this as leverage to get an awesome new job title.

I mean, if by some miracle I can get the new phone/internet system working, then I could petition my boss to have business cards printed introducing me as an IT Manager.

I’ve always wanted the word ‘manager’ on my business card. Or consultant, mostly because I hear they make more money.

If I can’t get the new system running it’s really not going to be too bad. My boss will just never hear from me again – he works on the other side of the country, and hardly ever drops in. Being a libra, I instinctively like to avoid conflict, and quite frankly, cutting off all communication, is about as conflict avoid-y as you can get.

So really? when you think about it? This situation can only end well for me.

Artists interpretation of my new job title.

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