3 Beautiful Things

1. Chatting to craft market booth-holders, and realising that I’m better at being friendly to strangers than I thought I was… Also? Posh, old-fashioned Hill St Markets in Thorndon, and Strawberry cordial.

2. Catching up with Dad and Lisa, and eating awesome salad with them. (Bacon. In salad form. Mmmm.) Also? My Dad telling me I look beautiful. Every girl needs someone in her life that tells her that!

3. Bright summery Wellington days. (I know, I know, we’re known for our crazy wind, but the sun? It is amazing.)

Oh.. And:

4. Swamp dip, Mexican Beer, and Creole-style cooking at Sweet Mothers on hot Friday nights.

I’m totally digging Wellington right now!


5 thoughts on “3 Beautiful Things

  1. Oh my gosh I LOVE Sweet Mothers. I always get the fish tacos, which actually sound really gross, and like I’m talking about something else… But I’m not they’re a real thing, and awesome.

    Do you go to the craft market on the waterfront (or actually, under the waterfront) I go every couple of weeks, and they’ve always got some really interesting stuff – I think some of them are involved in that Craft 2.0 thing.

  2. I used to get a workmate who always swore the fish tacos were awesome… I always thought he was being gross and vulger… I might have to check out the menu, and see if they actually exist. (Because I really don’t believe it!)

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