Day 05 → Something you hope to do in your life.

30 Days of Truth

I hope to travel – and I don’t mean Australia, and the South Island travel.

I mean: Korea, learning the language, sweating buckets in summer, and donning snow-gear in winter, travel.

I mean: traversing Mexico, Central, and South America, travel. Dodging mosquito’s and spiders the size of house-busses, pickpockets, and kidney snatchers travel. Discovering Aztec Ruins, and walking the Incan Trail travel.

Five hours in a sweaty airport in the middle of Europe, Buses on gravel roads full of locals, Bikes on cobblestone roads, and trains across great swathes of country travel.

I mean: horse treking on every continent travel. Working as an english teacher in more countries than languages I speak travel. Scuba diving, and snorkeling with all-manner of sea-creature travel.

Travel that opens my eyes to the world, and shows me all the things I’ve been learning about in university, reading about on the internet, and hearing about from friends, family, and passing acquaintances.

Travel with good, bad, terrible, and wonderful, life-changing experiences.

In short? BIG travel. A life time spent discovering new people, places, and histories.

Also? I hope to win lotto, because dudes? Travel is freaking expensive.


Daily Question: Where was your most memorable, awesome, amazing, must go back here, crazy holiday?


9 thoughts on “Day 05 → Something you hope to do in your life.

  1. I spent Thanksgiving in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico a few years back. I will definitely go back there again. We had our Thanksgiving feast on the beach with our toes in the sand. We zip lined over the jungle. We rode horse back to a waterfall and swam in the laguna. We snorkeled through some large rocks in the middle of the ocean. It was

    I love to travel, also. Love, love, love it!.

    I have two things standing in my way. I have not won the lottery yet, and my boy friend does not like to fly. 😦

  2. Oh my gosh I’m totally jealous – it is my DREAM to go to mexico. I don’t even know why, but it is at the ABSOLUTE top of my travel list. Probably because mexico is where the burritos come from, and I’m a very big fan of burrito.

    Also? I love the word laguna. It implies relaxation, and awesome-ness!

  3. I think that kinda BIG travel is an awesome idea!! I hope you get to go to ALL those places! 😀

    My favorite place that I’ve been to so far? Breckenridge, Colorado. It’s great to go hiking around the mountains and have a snow fight in the middle of summer!

  4. Oooh Colorado! I never thought I wanted to go to America, but it turns out there are a WHOLE bunch of places I want to see – colorado being one of them! Funny enough, I’m totally not interested in the usual tourist traps – Vegas, and New York, for instance? No thanks!

  5. this is pretty much my life’s ambition. i’ve made a good start – covered a lot of europe so far, and dipped my toes into a few other continents, and i dedicate all (cash) resources available to making this happen – but the problem is that once you start, you just realize how much more there is to visit / see / do / experience 🙂

  6. Wow, that’s pretty awesome. My flatmate does the same thing, she just came back from Brunei and Borneo, where she dived, and saw wild orangoutangs! She says that the more she sees, the more places she realises she needs to go, too!

  7. We don’t travel much but there is a place in Ohio (USA) which I love to go. It’s a State Park full of forests, caves, hills, gorges, and walking trails. I love it and we go there about once every couple of years. I would, however, like to visit Scotland before I die. Never been. Doubt I will make it there but, who knows? One may dream.

  8. I love that kind of forest-y-wild-landscape kind of area too. I spend as much time as possible out walking in natural reserves (I’m lucky that my city actually has a TON of them!) It’s good for recharging the batteries I think.

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