Skin shouldn’t have a smell. And if it does? it should be a GOOD smell.

This is actually a draft from Friday, that I never got a chance to post. I wrote it during my SEVEN HOUR lecture/tutorial/discussion group.

Let me repeat: SEVEN HOURS. In one class.

I deserve a medal. Especially because not only did I write this? I also took notes. And learned stuff.

So yesterday was my first day of summer school, right? and I got stuck next to this guy who smelt like rancid milk. And skin.

Let me just tell you right now, spending seven hours on a hot sticky summer day, in a non-climate-controlled class, with no windows that open? Next to the guy who smells like rancid milk and skin? That’s not the best way to spend your summer.

Yesterday I switched seats in the break, and the dude followed me!

I got home, and decided that I probably looked too approachable and non-threatening.

So today I broke out the scary black eye make-up. Naturally.

It’s totally working though. He’s nowhere to me seen, and I’m totally rocking the angry look.

Oh no. Still no sign of milk-guy. I’m sitting here typing about Maori seats in parliament, and party views on them, and my eye got all crazy itchy, because my hair was in it.

So I scratched.

Now my fingers are covered in black eye-shadow, and I’m stuck sitting here for another 15 minutes without a mirror, or any way of fixing the damage.

Potentially, I look like an angry crying clown. Who was in a bar-fight last night.

I probably shouldn’t be allowed out of the house unsupervised.

I’m trying to rock the ‘hair over one eye’ look. I don’t think it’s working, because my hair-style isn’t exactly conducive to that.

Also I hate having my hair in my eyes, so I keep shaking it away, only to realise WHOOPS it’s there for a reason, and smoothing it back over half my face.

This must be what emo boys go through on a daily basis trying to keep their strategically floppy fringes in place over their faces.

I told Louise, Jasmyne, and Becks via email, and they’re not sympathetic. Becks seems to think I’ve gone from ‘alluring and sexy’ makeup, to ‘smoky bedroom eyes’.

FREEDOM. Now for a covert army-crouch run to the nearest ladies bathroom.

Unless you think that will attract more attention?

Maybe I’ll just casually stroll out with my book up in front of my face, like I’m REALLY concentrating on getting my readings done before the end of the lunch break?

Ok, everyone can relax. The Eyeshadow Disaster of 2010 was not as bad as we all first feared. A survey of the area reveals some minor lash-line smudging, which could almost look intentional.

In other news, I just saw milk dude. He’s siting two rows back, next to a girl who looks like she’s about to ralph up her lunch.

Daily Question: Who was your worst ever seat-buddy in a class?


4 thoughts on “Skin shouldn’t have a smell. And if it does? it should be a GOOD smell.

  1. Ah, no.. It stopped working after I took it to taekwon do, and someone accidentally dropped a black-belt on it. Apparently my laptop gets all pissy about having heavy sweaty guys thrown at it!!

  2. I work in a public library. Talk about bad smells! Ewww!!! Only a woman could understand the distress of thinking they’ve smudged their eye makeup. Unless they’re George Michael, that is.

    Hm, yes our public library smells like homeless man. Mostly because of all the homeless men sleeping on the benches behind the mystery/ crime thriller section.

  3. … oh and my worst lab partner was a girl who let me do all the work and got my grade! The brilliant bit though is as an adult, she thanked me for it saying she was crap at biology and would’ve failed without me! One never knows.

    Aw, Well it’s nice that she thanked you for it I guess! Thankfully my education has relied very little on group work!

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