Spy Games

I was just disturbed in my room, because Becks and Jasmyne were in the kitchen squealing. I head out to see what the noise is about, thinking ‘Oh my GOD, it’s another bloody spider, and it must be a fucking MONSTER’ because Becks is usually my go-to spider girl, because, quite frankly, I am a pussy when it comes to anything with eight legs.

Instead I get half way to the kitchen, and Becks goes running into the lounge, and Jasmyne goes running to her bedroom, singing something. (Which, actually isn’t as weird as you’d think, because she’s always singing something.)

Then they both start yelling about how awesome something is, and lo-and-behold, they’re wearing matching fedoras.

“We’re going to be spys!” They squeal, while Jasmyne improvises a spy dance, and Becks practices her gun poses.

It turns out we’re going to do a flat photoshoot, pretending to be spys next weekend. We’re taking a bunch of newspapers with holes cut in them, fake glasses, fake moustaches, hats, and fur jackets… And it is going to be AWESOME.

I’m really glad it wasn’t a spider.


2 thoughts on “Spy Games

  1. The eyebrows on those Groucho glasses do look a bit like spiders. Cool hats. Sounds fun! If you run into Daniel Craig, do call me, yeah?

    If I run into Daniel Craig I’m going to be very busy staring at him unashamedly, and drooling.

  2. You guys are weird; in a quirky, carefree kind of way; not in a David Chapman – shoot John lennon kind of way. Enjoy.

    Thanks Dad… I think! Haha, it’s going to be great. We’re doing it because Becks has a friend overseas who wants her to take a quick photo of her apartment post-renovation… She’s going to be really surprised by the spys contemplating her ceiling I think!!

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