Quick Question…

Is it possible to get drunk off a fermented mandarin? If so, how do you know your mandarin has fermented?

Shannon: Hm. This mandarin tasted funky. Which isn’t a surprise, considering how long it has been sitting on my desk.

Shannon: I’m still going to eat it though, because I am hungry. Is it supposed to tingle on my tongue like that?

Shannon: Wow. I feel strange. I’m probably going to die.

(I’m really, really glad I don’t have colleagues.)


One thought on “Quick Question…

  1. We had a couple of those in the fruit bowl the other day but I wasn’t game to try them. The whitish greenish fur on the outside kinda put me off

    Haha, yeah I tend to steer clear of the fury ones too, the one in my office had that slightly elastic skin thing going on.

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