Day 09 → Someone you didn’t want to let go, but just drifted.

30 Days of Truth

Hmmm. We moved around a bunch when I was a kid. I think I’ve lived in roughly as many houses as I am old – and the majority of those were us moving around between the ages of 7-15 ish.

I had a lot of friends that I just didn’t quite manage to keep up with via long-distance pen-pal-type relationships, which is sad.

I remember one guy in particular, from my intermediate school in Tauranga. His name was Nelson, and he was blonde, and sweet. We were roughly 13 years old, and used to sit together at the same desk, and I think he was the first boy who wasn’t a family-friend that I was friendly with.

On my last day in Tauranga, before we shifted back to Feilding, he waited in the classroom, while I said goodbye to my teacher. Then he stood there as the teacher watched, and solemnly shook my hand.

I had this sudden flash of sorrow that I wouldn’t be around to see him grow up. We would never hang out at disco’s together, or swap chewing gum,the way Amy White’s older sister did with her guy friends.

(That was pretty much all I understood about guys and girls. I was pretty heavily into the horses, rather than boys!)

Even at 13 I was sad I’d never get to meet him as an adult – I’m pretty sure he would have turned out to be a really nice guy. I hope he did well for himself.


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