Day 14 → A hero that has let you down. (letter)

30 Days of Truth

Dear Amiee

You were the coolest friend I ever had. Not the best, but the coolest.

A product of a split family, you were in the middle of five other kids, and often passed under the radar for both of your parents. That meant you had little-to-no direct supervision.

You had a tongue piercing, punk-coloured hair, and were allowed to listen to  the Spice Girls, and Alanis Morissette all hours of the night. You also adopted kittens without asking permission, and stayed out nights without telling your Mum where you were going – and she was cool with it.

My parents would have thrown a fit if I did any of those things. The closest I ever got to rebellion, was when I read books with a flashlight at 2am in the morning, after Dad told me to turn off the light for the fifth time.

As a cool person, you were totally my hero. I figured, if I wanted to be cool I needed to be just like you.

I even investigated how to get my tongue pierced. Unfortunately not too many tattoo and piercing places would take a green, sweaty, 13 year old seriously. Even if she did have a wad of cash in her trembling fist.

Then I caught you stealing from the nice indian man who ran the magazine shop. I told you that I couldn’t be friends with a shoplifter. You told all your friends that I didn’t sleep with underwear on under my PJ’s.

When I think about it? You were kind of a bitch.



4 thoughts on “Day 14 → A hero that has let you down. (letter)

  1. It is really sad when someone lets you down like that. The realization that someone is not what you think they are

    Yeah, or, realising, for the first time that adults are human too?? That’s crushing. I was always convinced that adults knew everything, and always did the right thing. I really looked forward to knowing all that too. Then when I found out they didn’t, I was hugely disappointed!

  2. The fact that I just can’t come up with anything to post on this topic about heroes, will not prevent me from saying Hi. I am new to this blogging deal, but I’m guessing an important part goes in leaving a reply, otherwise, how would you even know I was here?

    So there it goes: Hi Shannon. Hope you have a great day today. Thank you for making ours brighter with your posts.

    Hey Alex, a hello is always appreciated 🙂

  3. Actually had to laugh with this one Shan. I don’t remember the girl and as for knowing everything…. lol.

    Hey Dad, Yeah, Amiee and I were friends back in Tauranga for a bit… I think we met at school, but I have a distinct memory of trying to sell girl guides biscuits with her. I think we ended up eating a couple of packets, rather than selling them…

  4. Who cares that you sleep without underwear under your pyjama’s? I’ve done that for as long as I can remember.

    Hey Emsz, Thanks for dropping by 🙂 I know, right? As a teenager everything seemed much more dramatic, I guess!!

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