Day 15 → Something or someone you couldn’t live without, because you’ve tried living without it.

30 Days of Truth

Ugh, I am feeling down today. Cold pavement, hard dirt, and deep, dark, down.

So I’m not really in the mood for this, but I’ll give it a shot.

I couldn’t live without physical activity in my life. Trust me, I’ve tried. Many, many times.

My natural inclination is towards a rather sedentary, bookish life, which I would spend perched upon a comfortable couch.

My natural body shape hovers somewhere between an apple and a potato, rather than those skinny runner-bean-types that jog, cycle, and swim places. Left to it’s own devices, my body reverts to a kind-of-a couch shape.

I am not naturally coordinated. I lack the disposition for team-sports. I find it very difficult to lose weight, while gaining it is an absolute breeze.

Unfortunately my brain goes all kinds of screwy if I don’t exercise.

The gym is usually enough to keep me on an even keel, but I find working out on my own boring. Running, I suppose, is good for me, but I hate it with a real passion. I get bored. As a result, I haven’t worked out on my own for five years now. Instead I hit 2-5 gym classes a week, and sweat it out amongst the fitness-freak masses.

I also do martial arts twice a week, because if I’m not getting my regular dose of punchy, kicky endorphin release, I get a little difficult to share space with. Martial arts are also helping me become a more confident person.

In short? The gym helps my mood management, punching and kicking helps my anger, and anxiety management, and it’s just better for everyone if I stay active. (Everyone being mostly the poor souls I live with!!!)

It does beg the question of exactly what I’m going to do with myself over Christmas though – I’m spending about a week and a half traveling around to see family and friends, with no access to the gym.

I also finish up TKD for about a month and a half tonight… I’m scared that when I have to go back in January, my flatties will be so relieved to get me out of the house, they’ll tie me up, and leave me outside the dojang, with instruction not to come back until I’ve maimed someone.

… I could always pick up a few extra Boxing classes at the gym over January… Those are always fun.

Daily Question(s!): What can’t you live without? And what’s your take on exercise? Are you a natural gym-bunny, or a couch potato?


5 thoughts on “Day 15 → Something or someone you couldn’t live without, because you’ve tried living without it.

  1. Ok, that would definitely be my Combivent inhaler. I did try. Couldn’t… 🙂

    I would define myself as a couch potato mildly concerned about working out.

    Ah, yeah, generally medication is on the ‘must have’ list!!

  2. As a diabetic I’m not aloud to go without exercise. Unfortunately exercise and me are mutually exclusive, but fortunately I have two jobs, which keeps me active. If I was single and loaded I’d race off-road motorcycles. That used to hit the spot every time when I was a ‘young’un’.

    I didn’t realise that diabetics had to exercise… You learn something new every day!
    If I was rich, I’d ride horses every day… That used to be my favorite excuse for exercise ever 🙂

  3. I can’t live without fleece pajamas. I’ve been home on medical leave for a few weeks and I’ve got enough pairs that I haven’t had to do laundry yet.

    You killed me with your shape of an apple or potato, by the way. I adore physical activity, but all I can do these days is lay on the couch and watch tv. It’s killing me. I’m forcing myself to read a few blogs today out of utter guilt and shame. So glad I stopped by.

    Wow, you must be going stir-crazy!! I have to admit, I’m not a PJ’s girl, but I do love my big hooded jersey… I got it from a sale at a menswear store, and I call it my ‘depression era clothing’ because it’s huge, and black, and I wear it around home every time I can’t be bothered with ‘real’ clothing.

  4. Got a tread mill and an elliptical trainer at home now, so more than welcome to stop by.

    Put them side by side; get Bud on the tread mill and pretend you’re running him while on the trainer!

    Have you actually tried bud on the treadmill before?? I can imagine it would go badly, because he’s not the smartest of dogs… Nevertheless, I’m going to have to give it a whirl, because it sounds like too much fun not to!!

    Oh… and chocolate!

    Chocolate makes the world go round, gravity work, and my brain function between 3-4pm everyday. I definitely couldn’t live without chocolate.

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