Stalkers Unite!

Flattie: Hey that guy you went on a date with yesterday works at that chocolate shop, right?

Me: Yes. Please tell me you’re not stalking him.

Flattie: Which reminds me, did you have the ‘I wasn’t stalking you’ conversation, like we discussed?

Me: No. He didn’t bring up the accidental stalking, and I had no real desire to make myself look crazy…. It was kind of a boring date. Neither of us were interested.

(Because, I guess for an interesting date I’d make the effort to look crazy? Who knows… Maybe I achieved that unintentionally, by making him take a walk around the waterfront with me in the rain!!)

(In all fairness though, I didn’t realise it was raining outside when I made the suggestion.)

In other news, the internet is working again in the office! Wo! This is in no part at all due to me, because, quite honestly? I suck at technology.

Initially, after the swap-over thing it worked, then broadband stopped unexpectedly yesterday. I spent the next three hours on the phone, with my forehead resting on my desk in defeat while I had a conversation that went like this:

“Yes my computer is turned on.
Yes the cable thingie is in the wall jack thingie.
Yes we have a modem.
No, I have no idea where the modem is in this building.
Potentially we have two modems or at least two routers, because there’s two wireless networks here that I can sign into, and they are both charged to our account…
One of the modems we’re just using as a wireless router, I think. I really don’t know. Are you sure I’m qualified to be unplugging this stuff without supervision?”

The answer to that last question was a resounding NO.

Thankfully we got a technician dude in. We managed to find the actual modem. It was in a server room for one of the other organisations on our floor, and there were a couple of hundred cables. going all over the place, and a shelf piled high with modems – one of which was ours.

I took one look at the birds-nest of colourful wires, and haphazard stacks of things with lights, and left the technician to it.

He managed to get it all sorted in 25 minutes.

I’m probably not going to mention any of this to my boss unless a bill arrives from the phone company. Which may, or may not be happening, because the guy never did manage to articulate whether this was a fault on our part, or on the phone/internet companies part. He was nice enough, but I swear, every time I asked him a question, he’d open his mouth, and talk russian to me.

I don’t speak russian.


One thought on “Stalkers Unite!

  1. Hehehehe, your post reminded me of a tech guy that came to the office once and when queried by one of the accounting girls about what had happened, replied:


    That’s actually a great response! I don’t need to know exactly what happened – I just need to know if the ‘things’ are going to be billed to us! Keep it simple and I’m happy!!

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