Day 16 → Someone or something you definitely could live without.

30 Days of Truth

I could live without steamed cabbage. It smells funky. It squeaks against your teeth like fingernails down a blackboard. It makes you fart.

Cabbage is gross. Unless it’s in coleslaw-form. Then it’s delicious and crunchy.

Obviously, today I am feeling profound.

What could you live without?


3 thoughts on “Day 16 → Someone or something you definitely could live without.

  1. This is gonna be fun. ( and might require multiple replies)

    Ties. I could live without ties. Neckwear? Who needs it? I would get along just fine with t-shirts.

    I think ties would be the most fun thing in a business dude’s wardrobe – suits are kind of boring!

  2. Wife complains I fart. I always tell her, don’t you?
    She says: “Yep. But discreetly”
    Discreet Fart could be a catchy title for a blog, or at least a post, don’t you agree?.
    (am I really writing this? 🙂 )

    I was thinking about your other post, I could also live without spiders and add huge cockroaches please.

    Haha, I can see you’re also feeling profound! I could DEFINITELY live without spiders, and mosquitos.

  3. Facebook, brussel sprouts, criminals, bills, taxes, negative people, porn, disease, death. Get that last one? I could live without death.

    Erm… sorry.

    Ohmygosh, that was pretty terrible!! Pun-nacious!

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