Day 19 → What do you think of religion? Or what do you think of politics?

30 Days of Truth

This is kind of a sucky uninteresting question. So here it is: I think religion should be kept entirely separate from politics. It has no place in government.

Also? I tend to mistrust organised religion in general, just because there’s a bit of a history there with organised religion abusing power…

I don’t like any organisation that encourages people to follow ‘the herd’ without question. One of the greatest gifts we have as human beings, is the ability to think for ourselves, and form our own opinions. I think, at times, organised religion can discourage independent thought because people find it hard to overtly question instruction from a ‘higher power’.

While I respect everyone’s right to religion, I personally am not religious and I expect that to be respected as well.

I prefer to live up to my own standards and expectations, rather than anyone else’s.

As for politics? Democracy is a great gift, and all people who can, should exercise their right to vote. If you don’t vote, you don’t get to complain about the results. So there.

I also strongly believe the John Acton quote from 1887: Power corrupts; absolute power corrupts absolutely.

Our politicians should be held at the highest standards possible. They should be heavily monitored, by the public, the press, and the judiciary. We should all be taking a very active interest in what our politicians are doing.

And finally? The press coverage of important political issues really annoys me. The way our politics are reported is seldom ever unbiased, and always seeks to be as inflammatory, and sensational as possible. I wish more people would actually take the time to do a little more research on things like contentious bills, before they form an opinion.

The number of times I have a debate with someone over something like section 59 of the Crimes Act – otherwise known as the ‘anti-smacking bill’ (which on it’s own is a ridiculously misleading nickname gifted by the opposition and the press) – and they tell me they’ve formed a rigid opinion, and signed petitions etc etc – all without actually READING THE BILL??!! Or even just listening in to the debates in the House of Representatives on it? (Because, hey, they are totally available on TV, radio, and the internet.) It makes me want to beat them over the head with their own ill-informed opinions.

Yes, freedom to form your own opinions is a gift, but guys? At least attempt to make them EDUCATED opinions!

Wow. Look at me all opinion-y and stuff. So it seems I have more thoughts on politics, and religion than I realised.



Today’s question is going to have to be a little more rife with potential for drama than I usually like… So here goes nothing: What are your views on religion/ politics? *ducks for cover*

OR If neither of those are your thing, What gets you really riled up, and mad at strangers/media?


4 thoughts on “Day 19 → What do you think of religion? Or what do you think of politics?

  1. These two items are among the things that get me riled up the most. =) I enjoy following politics and sometimes find myself upset with the media, but lately it’s religion…

    I am not religious. Right now I am going through some stuff with family members who would rather shun me than accept this. It’s hurtful, and they have said some offensive things. I was even told that if I feel the mistreatment (or lack of respect for my non-belief) is unfair, since I am a minority (only 4 million Atheists in the United States), I will just have to keep dealing with it or switch sides. Yeah. That went all over me, in a really bad way. There is little respect for Atheists here. The non-believers are forced to carry money that says “In God We Trust”, see billboards with religious scripture, pass churches on most street corners, have religious chain email forwarded to our in-boxes, and are vilified if we simply reference a quote that promoting reason and free-thought.

    Recently there was a new story about a bus system in Fort Worth, Texas who had allowed a Freethinkers group to purchase a 30 day advertisement on the front of a few buses for the month of December. The ad said “Millions of Americans are Good Without God.” Nothing offensive whatsoever. People began banning the bus system, and one church hired a truck to follow the bus along it’s route each day with a religious message displayed. This is the idiocy that really angers me. Here is the original story is you’d like to see it.

    Thanks for sharing 🙂 And wow, overreaction, much?? Some days you just have to laugh! (Because it’s so much better than the alternative!!)

  2. I’m for one and against the other. I suppose politics have their place but mostly I do not follow politics because it makes me angry.

    🙂 Politics most definitely has the potential to stir up anger! I thin it’s a good thing though. If more people paid attention to politics, and got angry about it, maybe there would be some real change in how politicians operate!

  3. What really gets to me about religion is that they go on about being accepting of people radda radda but when it comes to not believing? Can’t accept it. And when it comes to people having a different religion? Fighting.

    I can’t stand people who preach and try to force you into religion and into listening about why you should. Let people go about their day, and if I want to find out more – I’ll visit a Church and ask someone.

    Hey Adey! Yup, absolutely, that annoys me too – especially the hateful guy who grabbed my arm and told me I was going to hell after I smiled, and politely declined his pamphlet the other day on Lambton Quay… Although, you have to admit, the majority of religious people aren’t like that! It’s just a few ‘bad eggs’ that ruin it for everyone else!!

    I, for one, most definitely respect everyones right to religion, so long as they respect my right to be atheist. I’m extremely lucky in that I have yet to come across anyone who doesn’t respect my beliefs. 🙂

  4. Shannon girl you almost wrote an essay on politics and religion. 🙂 it’s nice to come across someone with a head of her own these days.

    All this boils down to one of Kim’s first posts. The one where she considers “acceptance” as a much more desirable value than “tolerance”. (Tolerance makes you think of stuffing things inside a pressure cooker,lighting up the fire and sitting down to wait, doesn’t it ? )

    About the guy in Lambton Quay? Well, he’s scared shitless of coming across a freethinker, just like any other fundamentalist.

    Yeah, that guy on LQ annoyed the hell out of me; for starters I don’t like being grabbed by strangers, and who the heck is he to make a judgement on my character based on the fact I don’t want his fear-mongering pamphlet?

    (growly growl growl!)

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