3 Beautiful Things

1.  Light mists of rain across my face and arms on sticky, humid days. Similarly? Watching the mist swirl around in the wind like snowflakes… For a moment there I could almost pretend I was in New York, surrounded by wintery awesomeness.

2.  Releasing a rusty ironing board back into its natural habitat. (Otherwise known as the vacant, overgrown section out the front of our house.)

3.  Winning at phone tag with a co-worker. (Where winning means him being unable to contact me on my cellphone… Opps?)

What made your day beautiful today?


6 thoughts on “3 Beautiful Things

  1. haha, it’s well below freezing here right now so i’m having a hard time remembering that feel of misty, sticky days… siiiighhh….

    i don’t have an iron or an ironing board. perhaps it’s because i don’t have them growing in the wild by me? 🙂

  2. I only like mist when I don’t have to cycle through it. When you’re cycling, mist is almost as soaking as rain. 😛

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